Exhibition: Photos by Krzysztof Capała

Tue 2nd

Capała's photo exhibition at the BWA gallery is the largest display of his work so far. The exhibition focuses on Capała's experiments with artistic photography. The aim of displaying so many of the artist's photos, is to let the viewer understand the artist's personality, see his vulnerability and his efforts of finding the right light as well as his way of seeing the world. The light plays the main character. Krzysztof Capała shows Wroclaw's architecture symbols such as the City Hall and the Cathedral but also Wroclaw's streets, bridges and backyards. The photographs perfetly depicts the city's 80's climate. Exhibited will be 40 of Capała's black&white photos. Echibition opens on the 2nd September at 6PM.

BWA Wroclaw, ul. Wita Stwosza 32