Holidays with the National Museum in Wroclaw

Wed 16th

In July and August the National Musuem in Wroclaw has all sorts of programmes and fun prepared for the young ones. From 16th to 30th July, every Tuesday and Thursday at noon, various games and lectures are held at the Museum. The first one of these events is "Co straszy w muzeum?" (translates as "what scares us in a museum"). It's a game involving dragons, ugly masks, modern monsters and others. The aim of this game is to teach children as well as involve them in a discussion about how to scare the audience not leaving them indifferent. Another one of these interesting noons is called "Searching for the secrets of the museum" this is a game that allows children to be detectives in various galleries of the museum, and to search for the above mentioned secrets. This educational couple of days are created in a way that lets children learn through fun. Don't hesitate to bring your kid.

National Museum, Pl. Powstancow Warszawy 5