St. Valentine’s Day

Thu 14th

Valentine’s Day is often used as an excuse worldwide for singletons to head to commercial nightclubs and snog random punters. In Poland it’s not much different. A number of clubs will be sporting so-called special events with DJ Camembert or such-like laying down disco and party grooves to hormonal young things. Romeos beware though, pinching a Polish girl’s arse and proclaiming ‘get your coat love, you’ve pulled’ will get you short thrift. Why not try these chat up lines instead? Let’s start with the classics – Pani ma piekne oczny (You have beautiful eyes) or Czy Pani chce tanczyc ze mna? (Would you like to dance with me?). If the young stripling in the short skirt seems particularly hard to please you may need something more advanced up your sleeve. Time for some old-school compliments - Czy zechce Pani zaszczycic mnie chwila swego uroczego towarzystwa? (Would you care to honour me with your precious time and charming company?) or Pani uroda mnie olsniewa. Jestem wprost bez tchu. (Your beauty is dazzling. I am stunned and breathless...). If you meet with great success then keep this one for breakfast time - Wyglada Pani swiezo jak wiosenny poranek. (You look as fresh as a spring morning). Go forth and captivate!

Various nightclubs