Easter In Wroclaw

Sun 23rd

If colourful traditions are your bag baby, then heading to Poland for Easter will prove a trip well taken upon. Starting the previous week with Palm Sunday, a number of significant dates in the Catholic calendar, such as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday are celebrated with a mixture of style and solemnity. Head to any church on the relevant date and you are likely to see a congregation waving palm leaves about, stations of the cross re-enacted, effigies of Christ lying dead by the altar, and children and grannies bearing baskets of eggs to be blessed by the priest. Perhaps the tradition most likely to amuse tourists takes place on Easter Monday however, when anyone venturing out before midday is liable to a soaking – local oinks are given carte blanche to waterbomb passerbys courtesy of a time-old traditional named ‘Smingus Dyngus’. Fantastic!

Throughout Wroclaw