The Soul of Elvis in the Wild East

Picture the scene. Tumbleweed blowing over the dusty prairie, a steam engine billowing smoke as it rolls into town, the bell of the village church loudly tolling whilst riders in chaps and chequered shirts are busy lassooing bulls in the rodeo arena. Meanwhile, in the local saloon, a couple of tough-looking lads are recounting stories of trouble and strife, punctuated by the 'ping' of chaw hitting the spittoon, when who should walk in... But the King of Rock'n'Roll himself, Elvis Presley!

An unlikely scene indeed, and all the more so for occurring in the Eastern Polish mountains rather the American Wild West, but happening it is - on the 14th December in Karpacz. Thanks to BlueBird Productions, one of Berlin's most popular band, the legendary Soul of Elvis and the Tender Loving Care, are descending on the Western City in Karpacz, not far from Wroclaw. This event is set to be one of the most memorable in the region in recent times, with dinner, dancing and plenty of surprises all part of the night's entertainment. The band themselves are known for putting on quite a show and between them and the hardened boys and girls on the ranch a night of heavy drinking and high jinks is guaranteed!

BlueBird Productions can organise your transport to Karpacz for just 50PLN, whilst tickets cost 125PLN for a full course dinner and dancing, or 450PLN if you fancy being put up in a splendid hotel in the mountains. Tickets are available at EMPIK, Mediamrkt, Dolomoslaskie Centrum, Informacji Kulturalnej in Wroclaw and Sklep muzyczny. If you have any questions, want to reserve a ticket or need more information call the event organisers Pawel on +48 (0) 695805553 or Chuck on +48 (0) 697800557 and they'll be sure to help.


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