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Wroclaw Life is always on the look out for talented and motivated people to join our team and help us achieve our business goals. Read below for some of our current opportunities.

Opportunities across Europe for budding entrepreneurs!

We are currently on the look out for talented individuals to join our teams across Europe. Wroclaw Life is part of a much bigger network across Europe that stretches all the way from Barcelona to Zagreb! If you're interested in working for us in one of our cities (check out the interactive map at the top right-hand corner of the page to see them), then get in touch. Send an email with your CV and covering letter to our Group Sales Director at

Do you have what it takes?!? Brilliant writers wanted now!

Lifeboat Limited, a leading internet and print guides publisher, is looking for outstanding writers to join its team! Do you have what it takes? Are you intelligent, witty, love travelling and know how to enthuse others with your writing style? Do you know Central and Eastern European Cities and would like to get to know them better? We are looking for you! You would write extensively about travel for our city travel sites, as well as writing and proofreading for our other partner publications. Assignments are currently available in Cracow, Warsaw and Berlin as well as temporary assignments in other cities in our network. Are you up to the challenge of working with a dynamic writing team producing travel guides that are read by millions? If yes, send your CV, a covering letter (in English) and a short sample (500 words or less) of your writing style to More opportunities below picture...

Are you a Sales Superstar?!? Sales people wanted!

Wroclaw's top Internet and print guide is always on the look out for super city sales people! Do you have what it takes? Are you energetic, confident, persuasive and hard working? Do you also love the city of Wroclaw? Yes?!? Then we want to hear from you! Your job would be to work with businesses and clients in Wroclaw and to sell advertising space to them across our two main mediums - print and online. You would be responsible for building a client base and maintaining our reputation in the city, which will include distributing our printed guides! In return you will earn commission on every sale that you make and be part of one of Wroclaw's most exciting projects! Successful candidates will speak Polish fluently and have basic communication in written and spoken English. Get aboard today! Send your CV and a covering letter (in English) about why you think you're suitable for the job to


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Col Yogesh Dadu

I am a military veteran enginerr from india with excellent English communication skills. I have 23 years of experience in project management and operations. I am a post graduate in manage.ment . I am also looking forward to work in EU. please contact if I can associate with you

Reply Jul 19th, 2019

Hello all..!! I am Shubham.. and I am from India. I am looking into moving to Wroclaw as my fiance works there. I am looking for a job within the city. I can speak English and Finance jobs will be preferred.

Reply Aug 21st, 2018

Hello People! Im Joseph from Malta, 25 years old. Im looking and asking if someone can reccomend or provide details about jobs in Hospitality, mainly in 4 or 5 star hotels. Im looking for moving in Wroclaw, got 6 years experience in my country in front office department in a 5 star hotel. I speak fluent English, Italian , and a bit of Spanish besides my mother tounge. If someone could help- thanks in advance! Kind regards! :)

Reply Oct 28th, 2015

Hi, my name is Corey from Australia. I am currently residing in Wroclaw and looking to move here on a permanent basis with my wife (Polish) and family from 2016. I have served 12 years in the Australian Military and can work in high pressure situations. I am prompt, punctual and efficient as Military life has ingrained these skills into me. I have a Diploma in Management, Diploma in Fitness, Diploma in Security and Risk Management, Diploma in Work Health and Safety, Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. I speak a small to medium amount of Polish and am currently learning more by the day. If you have or know of any work opportunities that you think I may be suited to then please contact me on the attached email address. Kind regards, Corey

Reply Oct 18th, 2015
Shukhrat Ismoiljonov

Dears, My name is Shukhrat, I am from Uzbekistan and am studying in Wroclaw University in the field of Tourism and Hotel Management. Since I find myself very energetic and enthusiastic I can't sit and study for a whole day, secondly I try to cover my own expenses by myself. I would to work in my field or in IT. I know Turkish, Russian, Communicative Polish! I have good experience in IT(operating systems)! I would appreciate if there is any kind of advice or offer! Thanks in advance! BR, Shukhrat

Reply Feb 26th, 2015
United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Caireen and I am from Scotland. I am looking into moving to Wroclaw in May 2015 after I finish my International Tourism Management Degree. I currently speak very little Polish however I am hoping my time in Poland will rectify that. I am looking for a job within the city that an English speaker could work towards.

Reply Nov 16th, 2014

Hi Caireen, Thanks for getting in touch, please contact Mark Bradshaw at

Reply Nov 16th, 2014
United Kingdom

Dear All, I'm looking to move permanent back to Wroclaw, currently I live in London for the past 10 years doing senior concierge job in one of top residential developments in Kensington, Wycombe Square, I work 4 on 4 off shift patterns and often going home to Wroclaw where my family live. I speak fluent English and Polish. I would be great full for jobs suggestions.

Reply Jun 1st, 2014

Hello, So here I am - moved to Wroclaw since always wanted to live in Poland. I was born in Lithuania, lived almost 9 years in USA and another 4 in UK. I speak fluently in Polish, Lithuanian, Russian and English languages. Would love to meet new people and would welcome suggestions about interesting job opportunities! Cheers

Reply Oct 31st, 2013

G'Day, my name is Michael and I am an Australian who has just moved to beautiful Wroclaw. I moved from Australia to London 2 years ago in order to travel Europe and experience life overseas. Fate has now brought me to Wroclaw! I have been here for just under a month and I am looking for a job. I am currently doing a TEFL course which I will complete by the end of August. I have a strong sales and customer service background but I am willing to try anything new. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Reply Jul 30th, 2012
Beata Aksakal
United States

Hi, my name is Beata. I was born in Wroclaw. I used to live in London for almost 15 years, 1 and half year in Spain and now I live in Italy for the last 4 years running my own business called Calabrian Invest. I am thinking of relocating either back to London or to Wroclaw. Before I undertake any decision – I need to know what is the current situation with work in both of those cities. I have been working with English speaking clients for a number of years and I have a great experience in sales, customer service, listening and talking to people, running meetings, exhibitions and small conferences, training staff and coaching and more. Please contact me should you have any advice in regards to jobs for English/Polish speaking people. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Beata

Reply Mar 28th, 2012

Hi Bridget, can you make me know more about your job proposal? I lived 12 years in Italy, I'm 21 years old and I speak fluently english, know something of French, have a mothertongue knowledge in Italian and I'm learning polish right now...Feel free to e-mail me at

Reply Nov 3rd, 2011
David Johnson
United Kingdom

Hi, David here, from England. I am living in Legnica, about 60 km away from Wroclaw. I am looking for work in Wroclaw, or surrounding areas. I am interested in driving, teaching the English language, as I am fully TEFL qualified. I am also qualified in I.T, programming, C,C++, Visual Basic, VBA for applcations, Oracle, Java, Java Script, Client server set up and administration. I am also highly experienced in Data Base analysis, design,process documentation programming and implementation, Software constructs and tools. Also the automation of manual process's with organisation's, with I.T, whilst saving organisation's many thousands of pounds/euros/zloty. I am not type casted to I.T, as I am experienced and more than capable in many other areas of employment, e.g advertising, sales and more. Contact for job offers, or regarding availability. Thankyou. Dzienkuje.

Reply Oct 7th, 2011

Hi, I have just moved to Wroclaw and am looking for to find work have much experience in various fields ie Sales marketing & logistics. having lived in Holland for the last 20 years I speak fluent English , Dutch and a little German. any advise or tips would be welcome

Reply Oct 6th, 2011

Hello, my name is Ciprian. I'm from Romania, but my goal in Europe map is this beautiful country, Poland. I'd like to ask if anybody could help me to find job offers, which would be apropriate for me. I started 4 years ago to work in banking field (customer service and sales), I'm very open minded person and I'm ready for some changes. I speak English, Spanish and Romanian of course. Thank You everybody

Reply Jan 12th, 2011
Mick Clancy

Hi Bridget My name is Mick, I am Irish I also live very close to Magnolia Park, would you be intrested in meeting up for a coffee? I look foward to hearing from you. Regards. Mick

Reply Nov 23rd, 2010
tom stuffle

Hi mick r u still in p9land i am moving therr myself and would love to meet other irish people

Reply Jun 14th, 2015

The city is awesome! I love it! Want to work and live here. I'm enjoying Wroclaw for couple days already and want to stay. If anyone can offer any good job, will be happy to review proposition.

Reply Aug 19th, 2010

Bridget, I'm interested in your job offer. I'm currently looking for a job now in Wroclaw, is it possible to get more informations about such job?

Reply May 20th, 2010
United Kingdom

i am looking for someone to do a small job for me in wroclaw. in return you get to live in a very nice modern appartment, near the magnolia park. would sort someone who want to learn more english.

Reply May 2nd, 2010
Petar Ivanov

Wroclaw is a very nice city with its unique historic and cultural heritage and that's why is defined as THE PLACE OF MEETINGs in the heart of Europe. I liked it very much as I lived in the city for 2 months. The best place fo cultural events and international business where people realize their dreams in constructive dialog and co-operation. This is the best place for presentation meetings between East and West Eropean economics, cultures and just ordinary people having fun on a vocation in Wroclaw. I love this city. I hope I could visit it soon again.

Reply Aug 25th, 2009