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Whenever visiting a foreign city there are certain sights that one feels obliged to see. A sense of high-minded duty simply won't allow you to leave Wroclaw until you been to, admired and photographed the Raclawice Panarama, the Centennial Hall and St. John's Cathedral. But there comes a time, usually mid-way through the afternoon, when the eyes refuse to read anymore tourist bumpf, the shoulders complain against the weight of your rucksack (even though you deliberately packed light) and your feet rebel against the prospect of wandering around yet another church or museum... It is at precisely that time my friends that one should wave down the nearest taxi and utter the words "Prosze do Wroclawskiego Parku Wodnego"...

Built in 2008, Wroclaw's Aqua Park (Wroclawski Park Wodny in Polish) is easily one of the very best in Poland, and if you're looking from a break from high culture, somewhere to take the kids, or simply something fun to do on a rainy day, then this watery arena won't leave you disappointed. The main attraction for most will be the recreational swimming pools, where, as well as the pools themselves, several funky features allow for exciting aqua thrills. Slides, jacuzzis, a wild river, wave machine, solarium and kids' basins as well as two outside pools (perfect if the weather is good!) provide plenty of opportunities for splashing around.

But it's not all fun and games, and those after some hard exercise can take advantage of the sports pool, or head to the separate fitness arena where a number of aerobic and anaerobic machines offer a great work out. Also on hand are a fitness bar, solarium and play area for kids.

And if that all seems like a bit too much hard work, why not sweat off a few calories the easy way - in the sauna! Wroclaw's Aqua Park has all manner of baths and saunas, including ice fountains and biosauna, perfect for those who want a peaceful escape. On a similar note the Water Park's Wellness Centre offers even more pampering, in the form of jacuzzis, massages and relaxation rooms.

On a practical tip the complex also has bars, cafes, a restaurant, cashpoints (ATMs), shop, toilets, medical point and wheelchair access. The Aquapark is open from 0800-2000 every day, and the price for the recreational pools is 30PLN for up to four hours during peak times at the weekend. (For a full list of prices and discounts for all sections check the official website). Or read up about the park in our Entertainment section - here!

The Aquapark can be found at ulica Borowska 18, just south of Wroclaw's Central Train Station.


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Asia i Piotr

Wspaniałe miejsce dla całej rodziny. Dzieci począwszy od roku mogą już bawić się tutaj znakomicie. Świetny brodzik ze zjeżdżalnią , basen z falami, leniwa rzeka, niesamowite zjeżdżalnie (dzieci oczywiście preferują tę z pontonami). W każdej chwili można skorzystać z restauracji, która naprawdę zasługuje na uznanie. Niewiele jest takich miejsc gdzie można aż tak dobrze zjeść. Uwielbiamy odwiedzać aquapark wrocławski. My i nasza piątka dzieciaków.

Reply Aug 25th, 2013

Fantastic, lots of fun here!

Reply Aug 1st, 2012
United States

Yeah - this is a great alternative for sightseeing! swimming, jacuzzi, saunas, massages - all in one. Just perfect!

Reply Mar 9th, 2010