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Gelezinkelio 16

1. Train Station

5 reviews

2. Bus Station

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Rodunios 2

3. Vilnius Airport

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Arrivals Hall, Vilnius Airport

4. Avis

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Reviews about Travel & Transport Services in Vilnius

Awful customer service at the toilets in the basement of the train station. The old lady who was working there was actually shouting at people that could not pass through the gate to get an access to the toilet facilities. She was calling people "deaf and blind". I don't think this approach is acceptable in such a busy place.i was in Lithuania via transit and she actually was the only Lithuanian person I got a chance to talk to, and she set very negative attitude to the whole country!!!!

Train Station

The airport staff should learn some manners! !!awfull awfull awfull.sour faces no hospitality skills pasport control is the worst I've experienced and I do travel a lot.

Vilnius Airport

We really enjoyed our journey from Kaunas on the top deck of the train. Fares are really cheap by UK standards and you actually get a seat on the train! Vilnius station was in good order. Decent facilities and easy to connect up with local transport or walking routes to the city.

United Kingdom,
Train Station

Really nice clean station with helpful staff jump a bus to old town in minutes. The best part is the station cafe surprisingly good food and efficient waitress .

United States,
Train Station

As of 04 March 2013 3-4-hour train rides from Vilnius to Minsk depart at 0605, 1555, 1810, 2136, 2259. Certainly you should check with the ticketing office in Vilnius Train Station.

Bus Station

Vilnius Station is actually quite superb. It has real wheelchair support in all areas and the station is an extremely safe and clean environment. It really is a credit to the city now!

United Kingdom,
Train Station

How do people generally get to the main station from Vilnius Airport? By bus? Hopefully I can check the line number and timetable first (but I cannot read the bus website...). Thank you very much!

Bus Station

Look into booking a train from Vilnius to Minsk. Air Baltic fly cheaply from the baltic states to Minsk, with a changeover in Riga. This website will help with buses Use this site for booking a train Check this site for booking a plane

Bus Station

Could you tell me the days and time the bus or train that goes from Vilnius to Minsk

Bus Station

Is there a bus from Vilnius to Vitebsk area? thank you

Bus Station