Hostels in Vilnius

The new wave of modern, corporate hostels offering everything from free breakfast and internet to free beer and barbecues hasn't exactly crashed itself upon the shores of Vilnius as yet; and quite frankly, we're grateful. But we can see the tidal wave approaching (impact impending 2009) and are already beginning to feel its spray.

It wasn't long ago that you had to no choice but the long (albeit pleasant) hike out to Uzupis from the train station to find yourself a hostel bed in Vilnius, with Filaretai and Paupio Namai and their non-English speaking staff being your guides to the seldom-strolled streets of that district beyond the Vilnia River. Today, you've got a few more options in the centre of town, giving roving hordes of Erasmus students (why exactly are they obliged to travel in packs?) and the increasing number of Vilnius stag parties a convenient place to crash without doing anything particularly intrepid beyond testing their alcohol tolerance. Inevitably, with Vilnius poised to be Cultural Capital of Europe in 2009, more and more hostels will be cropping up in the city to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of tourists anticipated in the city for the events of next year. Below is a guide to Vilnius hostels as it stands currently, but check in as we add more listings of those hostels poised to open in Vilnius in the next few years. Due to the limited nature of cheap accommodation available currently and the demand that will increase twenty-fold in 2009, we recommend you book as promptly as possible. By cooperating with Hostelbookers, we've made it easier than ever to secure a room. First peruse our hostel listings by clicking on the links below and viewing pictures and reviews of each Vilnius hostel, as well as their exact location on our interactive Vilnius map.

If private accommodation is more your style or you've simply shared a dormitory with one group of drunken Australians too many, seek thee our Vilnius accommodation section to see the full range of budget hotels and apartments available in Lithuania's capital and get some real peace and quiet.