Links & other useful stuff!

Zoom In - Quality pics from a local snapper
Tourist Info - Vienna's Official Site
Articles about Vienna - New York Times
Academic Adventures - The University of Vienna
Met Blog Vienna - Shards of life from the city


Travel Austria - Official Site
Historical Documents - Spanning the centuries
Press and Info - Governmental Site
Tour My Country - An Austrian's fantastic guide to Austria.


Vienna Airport - Info in English
Austrian Rail - Tailor your own timetable
On to Krakow - Wide-ranging guide
Lemberg, Lwow, Lviv - Discover Galicia's former capital
Riga Life - Head for the Baltic!
Rome Hotels Dolomiti - Excellent accommodation in Rome

Center For Austrian Studies - Pioneering US Institution
Austro-British Encounter - Official Cultural Institute
Austria in London - Club since 1984
Austria In New York - Official Forum
Almdudler - Even better than Irn Bru, just!


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