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Editor's review

If you've always wondered what a feast from the Middle Ages was really like, then you won't get any closer than a meal at the Olde Hansa. Their dedication to detail in bringing Tallinn's golden age back to life is nothing short of incredible. Wooden benches are laid out with boarskin covers, flickering candles provide atmospheric lighting and a troop of string-plucking musicians round off the ambiance in style. As for the food; the recipes and ingredients have been meticulously researched so that your dinner tastes exactly the same as in times yore - even the cooking methods have been copied! Throw in a few buxom wenches in silly costumes and you've got a banqueting experience more medieval than Sir Lancelot's codpiece. Hurrah!

Editor & Tallinn Local


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United Kingdom

It's a blast! Bit over the top, but if you want to have some fun with your food, go for it!

Reply Feb 12th, 2013
United States

The Olde Hansa was the highlight of our visit to Tallinn. I enjoyed the various kinds of fish, and even finished my large mug of herb beer (as well as my wife's cinnamon beer). We also enjoyed the little shop next door which sold pepper schnapps. Tallinn is the friendliest place in the Baltic. I only regret that we missed the Medievil Days by a week.

Reply Jul 13th, 2012

BRILLIANT! what a superb reteraunt. Having read some of the negative revues all i can assume is that theres an axe to grind with some people.

go there an experience it

5 stars *****

Reply Jan 25th, 2012

I have been coming to O-H since 2000 and have eaten there many times as visitors want the "experience". The food has been getting steadily worse over the years. Generally "way too salty" and lifeless as if it has been kept warm under a lamp too long. The coffee is the worst in Tallinn and the excuse is that they didn't have coffee in the Olde days! (that is actually what they told me!) However, atmosphere now is off the charts! Go there for the live music not to eat (but isn't that what a restaurant is for??) Hmmmmm.

Reply Dec 23rd, 2011

If you like the food I ate at Olde Hansa. you have to be really drunk or never been eaten out elsewhere before. Unfortunately I don`t drink much and have been eaten in some other restaurants , and this place will not be the first I attend if I ever come back to Tallin. Nice concept though.

Reply Sep 18th, 2011
United States

The Olde Hansa is absolutely brilliant ... I was there with colleagues (attending a conference in Tallinn) and it was a brilliant evening. The setting is unique, the food magnificent with medieval music in the background.

Many thanks ... its great and left a lasting impression.

Reply May 23rd, 2011
United Kingdom

If you expect it being a crap-cheap Eastern European tourist attraction, then it's not. If you'd like to enjoy a bear stew cooked and spiced by the best of all medievial customs - you're in a right place. Otherwise - MacDonalds is your right place... :)

Reply Mar 26th, 2011
United Kingdom

Brillant place! Looks amazing from the outside, and was even better on the inside. Went there about 6 times during our stay as it was so warm and cosy! For me the food wasn't all that, but drinks were good. The atmosphere is brilliant in there, no matter what time of the day you happen to turn up.

All the staff are dressed up in costumes, and really do treat all of their customers well.

Toilets are well worth a look at as well! Very quirky.

Reply Nov 2nd, 2010
United Kingdom

Awesome, awesome, awesome!! great place, expect to try some odd foods and soak up the atmosphere! really friendly staff! beware of the beer though...... the medieval ones are horrid, but that added to our enjoyment as the facial expressions were priceless!!

Reply Oct 25th, 2010

to Johnnie!

I`m sad to hear, that you had so unpleasant

experience in Tallinn! Unfortunately you did not visit the restaurant Olde Hansa(but you visited Olde Estonia). Olde Hansa is unique and one of a kind in the world. You are warmly welcome!

Reply Aug 2nd, 2010

Absolutely beautiful and remarkable place! Great service, very funny staff, who is always ready to help and tell a joke! Definitely worth coming back!

Reply Aug 2nd, 2010
United Kingdom

Don't go to Olde Estonia restaurent. When it's time to pay, you have to pay double what you estimated in the first place. They add v.A.T and 10 % for the waiters. And tap water pays a fortune. Rip off!!!

Reply Aug 2nd, 2010
United Kingdom

Disagree... VAT is a legal requirement and service charge is at discretion of the guest. Just been in and ate - NO ADDITIONAL SERVICE CHARGE. Water was included in my menu - not sure where you went.

Reply May 17th, 2017

Definitely, by far the best Restaurant I've ever been to. The environment,the atmosphere,the food and especially the service, made the experience in the Olde Hansa a memory that will last forever.

Reply Jul 5th, 2010
United Kingdom

"WOW" Fantastic place, food superb service excellent real old medieval look.

Go there if you can!

Reply May 27th, 2010
United Kingdom

What a fantastic experience!

The Service was second to none! , nothing was a problem, food explained in detail if your not sure whats what.

The food was excellent fresh and hot.

The staffs customes added to the already excellent decor.

Even the toilets are an eye opener!

Id recomend it to anyone! SUPERB!

Reply May 27th, 2010

I had the unfortunate experience of dining here in July 2009. What a tourist trap - the food was awful, the honey beer was even worse. The service was the only good thing about this place. It was noisy and full of drunken tourists. I would never go back there again.

Reply Mar 5th, 2010
United Kingdom

I think over-rated. Whilst the candle light is atmospheric it hides what is on the plate. Most things come served with spelt and there is a reason this was last poplular in medival times. Service at the door was great we were seated quickly without reservations but the service during the meal was some of the slowest I have ever experienced. I enjoyed the dried elk meat and the honey beer other than that I would not go back.

Reply Dec 9th, 2009

Its a great place to see, and a unique atmorphere! Ive never seen something like the old hansa before. You think you are in a time machine. the food is excellent and the beer as well... sure, if you are used to live just with mc donalds or burger king our us-american friends will not feel the excellent taste. yes and they do not offer tomato catch up ;-)

Reply May 27th, 2009
brotherhood of black heads

Owner tried really hard to make you feel atmosphere of the midevel period. Candle lights, traditional costumes, music, food,drinks, pretty and kind girls are something worth seeing. I would suggest that you try to make a reservation in order to find a seat. I tried rabbit, elk and wild boar with honey beer. Definately worth seeing, although food could be better.

Reply May 4th, 2009
United Kingdom

Very disappointed with the service and the food not cooked and cold, no discount given when i explained the problem left the meal and will never go back.

Reply Apr 9th, 2009

A one of a kind place - the experience was fantastic! The food may not be top class, but the atmosphere and the decor more than make up for it. A must for any visitor of Tallinn!

Reply Mar 12th, 2009

If you love the look of the place... check out the toilets...modern does Medieval! Food is good that tries to replicate olde recipies but contains some that could not be...like Central American Capsicum! Pretty pricey compared to alternatives. Try the 'strong beer with herbs' ...you may even finish it!

Reply Oct 15th, 2008
Erkin&Yeliz Özgiray

We also had good time in this interesting restaurant.Waitresses were kind and the service was good. Would like to be there once more if we were to be in Talinn again. An ambience to be recommended....

Reply Sep 11th, 2008

nice location, but indeed feels a bit like "disneyland". the food was okay, we had rabbit and pork. the so-called "german pork" was too dry. never ate something like that in germany... the rabbit was fine.

unfortunately the staff was not much attentive, so we had to wait a long time untill being served etc.

Reply Apr 27th, 2008
United Kingdom

We had a fantastic time at the Olde Hansa. The service, food, drinks,decor and atmosphere are excellent. A truly memorable evening.

Reply Feb 28th, 2008
A traveller
United Kingdom

We absolutely loved the whole concept of Olde Hansa. Attention to detail has paid off and the place is something really special which we are going to miss. The atmosphere in the dining halls was so relaxing, made even better by the live music from the little maids in the galleries. The toilets are great too, they must be the most photographed in Tallinn!! We are coming back to Tallinn and Olde Hansa.

Reply Jan 15th, 2008
United Kingdom

Excellent night out. My friends and I all had the Town Councilman's Game Feast. It was all immaculately cooked and the flavours were all delightful. I couldn't recommend the food enough. I also particularly loved the 'wenches'. Estonia has more beautiful women than any place I have yet visited and it seemed that the best of them worked at Old Hansa.

If I am ever in Estonia again, I will make sure to return to Old Hansa. The gift shop is brilliant too.

Reply Jan 2nd, 2008

We are expats in Estonia and love eating there, it never fails us!!! Good food, great beer and excellent service.

Reply Sep 21st, 2007
Line Ølstøren

I loved the whole concept!! We had a great time there, eating and drinking from the extraordinary menu. I highly recommend the pepper aquavit and the herb beer!!

Reply Sep 11th, 2007
Todd Lindo
United States

I enjoyed every minute I was there. It was exceedingly pleasant on the covered outside deck, where I could see fresh mint growing in planters attached to the rails and lovely nasturtiums along the building. Strong beer with herbs was delicious (and got a buzz going, oops). Wild boar plate for lunch was enough to tide me over into the night. The cheese spread and warm bread that came with the superb mushroom soup was comforting. I hope to return!

Reply Aug 22nd, 2007
Fergus Morrin
United Kingdom

Olde Hansa is a little bit Disneyland but the food and the service is great if you look past the daft outfits and "Medieval Times" menus. Our waitress was amazing speaking five different languages and looking after us very warmly, which is unfortunately in short supply in Estonia!

Reply Aug 5th, 2007
United Kingdom

Olde Hansa is probably the most famous restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia so of course it is a bit touristy. Nonetheless the food is great and the medieval ceremony accompanying the meal is fun. I don't go to Olde Hansa everytime i'm in Tallinn but it's always a nice treat.

Reply Jul 6th, 2007

I just love Olde Hansa. I've been there twice now and I just can't get enough. The food, the atmosphere! Absolutely fantastic and I really love the cinnamon beer!!! Yum!!!

Reply Jan 26th, 2007
United Kingdom

If you wish to read the menu take a torch. in American a flashlight.

Good music.

Slightly odd but interesting food.

Reply Aug 31st, 2006

Olde Hansa rocks. Worth crossing the sea for alone! If you want a medieval feast definitelly go for Olde hansa

Reply Aug 16th, 2006
Mr Tourist Man
United States

That's what I'm talking about! I never really liked "proper" eating habits anyway. I've found my new home.

Reply Mar 6th, 2006
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