Bossanova, Coralo

Bossanova, Coralo
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Bossanova, Coralo
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Editor's review

Perched right on the Old Town Square, this is really two restaurants with two menus. Bossanova's Brazilian offerings are meat-dominated, while Coralo has an exquisite assortment of Italian fish dishes to tempt you as you gaze at their enormous aquarium, wondering, "Do I dare...." The bossanova music (live on the weekends) and fine wines, not to mention the special cognac and cigar room, make Bossanova a nice place to relax if you like your drink with a splash of swank; but their true claim to fame is Eve, the resident shark.

Editor & Tallinn Local


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5.50EUR Beer, 4.40Cola,Carppacio di Manzo 15.90, 9.90 Pizza Margherita, Pizza Parma 17.90 2GL House wine 12.80 + VAT&Service tax = 76.40EUR Total....Service beside dirty table linen, old flowers, napkins from the guest before, bread crumbles on the chairs a 3/10. Carppacio di manzo, I really would like to know what's the chef's main profession. Pizze very good level but for 27.90 for tow pizza...way over priced. Wine could be a better vinegar. Fact, stay away there are really better restaurants. Where you get all good service especially without to pay service fee, (which is beside no where mentioned), very good food and shorter then 76EUR.

Reply Oct 4th, 2011

I had a dinner in this place a couple of days ago. The food and the service was ok until we got the check and the staff told that the card-machine was broken. My husband had to go out and take cash from a machine. The nearby machine was broken and there wasn't any other machines nearby. He came back after 15 minutes searching and the staff was willing to come with him to search one. We said that we are not going anywhere until we know that we'll get some discount for the bill. We were told that they cannot give any discount because the bill has already been written! If we werent willing to pay they would have to call the police. They said that they could give us free drinks and after complaining they would have given us a 20% discount the next day if we came to eat there. During this discussion they had borrowed a card machine from a neibouring restaurant. So we had to pay the whole bill and leave.

Reply Jan 9th, 2011

The absolute worst place we ever been at!

-We got a table outside on the street

-We waited 30 minutes for our pizza, but

the had sadly forgotten us.

-After 30 minutes we had to move our table inside, because it wasn't allowed to sit there.

-When the pizza finally was served, the dough was white and not ready at all. The pizza was also extreamly small and didnt taste anything. They had forgotten the spices? The ingredients was just thrown afterwards upon the pizzas and not baked in them.

Totally overpriced restaurant with extremly small pizza, tasteless, and not ready at all!! We simply can not recommend this place to anybody since we also had to pay 10% extra tax on the bill (totally over 30 euro for two pizza) so just dont go there!

Reply Jul 28th, 2010

First time i have been in this pace 2 years ago.since that time everything has the moment the food there is awesome.i tried many dished just because i prefer to spend my dinner there.atmosphere is quiet lovely.i have also few favorite waiters who serve in the best way.I agree that it is no the cheapest place but in the same time it is not overpriced.We agree to pay for a cup of coffee in Paris 5 euro even when we stay next to the parking place so why do not we agree to pay 2,5 euro in the heart of Tallinn watching TownHall?.Well, in my opinion it is a good place.

Reply Mar 2nd, 2010
United Kingdom

On visiting this restaurant after reading about it online I would not recommend anybody to visit. I cannot fault the food , but this is let down by the severe lack of experience with staff waiting the tables. When the wine ordered was out of stock a bottle at double the price was recommended as an alternative. One of the main courses was served up with something completely different on the plate and the salad ordered that was confirmed twice was incomplete. When asking to speak to the manager about this, instead of sitting down and listening and offering at least an apology he became very aggresive to the point where he physically pushed my partner as he would take no critisicm even to better his restaurant. Great chef,but let down by bad waiting and appalling management.

Reply Feb 15th, 2010

The food was ok but I found the restaurant overpriced. There are much better places nearby in the same price bracket. The place seemed to be in a state of utter chaos. I did not receive the main course I ordered and our main courses arrived at the whilst we were still eating our starters. On the next table they were totally furious. They had waited for an hour and had been brought the wrong food three times in the end half of them didn't eat anything. I decided not to pay a tip but when I tried to pay the bill it transpired that whatever I didn't pay for (including the 10% mandatory service charge) the waiter would have to pay from his own pocket and he would not receive the service charge anyway. So, in the end I paid the service charge but I feel very sorry for the poor way they treat their staff and I won't be going back.

Reply Dec 12th, 2009
Ben Chapman
United Kingdom

Very disappointing and certainly got worse since my first visit. They initially did the Rodrizio on skewers [though not in the correct unlimited way] Now you just get a small overpriced mixed grill

Reply Jul 11th, 2009
United Kingdom

I ate at Bossanova and thought it was marvellous! Service was excellent and the food and wines spot on. Next time I'll try Coralo!

Reply Jul 2nd, 2007
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