Hostels in Tallinn

Tallinn is no newcomer to the hostel industry, with steady standbys like Vana Tom and Tatari 21B having established themselves in Estonia's capital well over five years ago. Since then more companies - namely Oldhouse and the ambiguously affiliated Tallinn Backpackers and Old Town Backpackers - have capitalised on Tallinn's status as a major tourist and stag destination by opening hostels with great locations in the historic centre. In fact cheap accommodation is easy to find in any of Tallinn's districts, be it a hostel, pension, budget hotel or apartment. Nevertheless, thanks to the city's burgeoning popularity, particularly during the summer and holiday seasons, we recommend you book your accommodation in Tallinn as soon as possible. By teaming with, we've now made it easier than ever to reserve a bed; simply explore our hostel listings by following the links at the bottom of this page and once you've alighted upon your hostel of choice, fill out the info below to secure your sleeping arrangements.

If hostels haven't been your thing for a while, there are plenty of other budget options in Tallinn. Explore the full scale of our sleep section to find affordable apartments, pensions and hotels in your price range. Each listing is replete with reader reviews, photos and the establishment's exact location on our interactive Tallinn map. Sleep tight, Sir Knight.