The Tallinn Card

If you intend to do more than roll out of your hotel bed and into the nearest pub, you might want to consider investing in the 'Tallinn Card'. It's not quite the same as having the mayor hand you the keys to the city, but it could be the next best thing. The 250 kroon outlay you make for a 24hr card will almost certainly be made back the minute you step into your second site of the day. If you're staying in town shorter or longer there are also 6, 24, 48 and 72 hour cards to sate your need for a bargain.

As free entry to all the main tourist sites the card gets you free entry to virtually all of the city's museums and unlimited use of Tallinn's public transport system.

Throw in a free sightseeing tour of the Old Town, squillions of discounts at shops, restaurants etc, free spa visits, bowling and go-carting - and even free admission to the notorious Hollywood club - and you're onto a winner. With the card, you get an over 100-page booklet (available in several languages) describing the over-100 destinations the card applies to, their opening hours and location on a map. It's not only handy, but also makes for a nice souvenir of the city.

See the official website for full costs and details.


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a very good value and a great idea. although a few places that are supposed to accept the card said that they don't and wanted me to pay admission. be careful where you pay.

Reply Jun 16th, 2010