At first glance, Szczyrk (pronounced sh-tsh-erk), this little gem of a town comes alive only in winter. But don't be misled! Szczyrk is a well known sports and leisure destination, thriving with various attractions all year long. So here's where Local Life comes in - helping you navigate through the town's rich tourist offer and make your stay the best ever! Read more

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Landed in Szczyrk just now and thinking where next? We did our best to provide you with helpful tips, suggestions about travel and money, a city centre map and guide, together with general information about the city. Also, we always keep up with the hottest, must see events in the town. Well, that's the insider's tick, and we can't help it!

Only planning a stay? At Local Life, our goal is to help you feel at home. Click to see what's going on in Szczyrk in our news and culture  sections, and after your appetite for a dream vacation is whetted enough, see our presentation of the city's worthwhile tourist base, with its gourmet restaurantsregional pubs, and a variety of cosy hotels suitable even for the most picky guests.

If you belong to the brotherhood of workout fans, Szczyrk will become for you a synonym for a variety of slopes, satisfying both more and less advanced skiers at Skrzyczne, as well as lovely mountain trails suitable for trekking and biking. Here at Szczyrk Life we will provide you with all necessary information about weather conditions, facilities and equipment rental, be it winter or summer.

If, however, you are more on the lazy side, you still won't have a reason to complain. At Szczyrk Life, we throw an idea or two as Szczyrk has plenty of historical sightseeing spots, museums, galleries, Spa's and recreation centres, not to mention two other Polish must-see places nearby: Zakopane, Poland's winter capital, or majestic, royal city of Krakow.

Since we would like you to consider us the best source of information and support in choosing Szczyrk as your dream vacation destination, please contact us should you have any questions or comments. We are always ready to help, as well as willing to improve the site. See you in Szczyrk!