Szczyrk Weather

What's the weather in Szczyrk like?

Located in the southern, mountainous area of Poland, Szczyrk owes its long-lasting low temperature period (mid-December to mid-February on average) to polar-maritime air masses. However, frequent collisions of maritime and continental weather fronts, expose Szczyrk to rapid weather changes all year round.

Szczyrk is most admired by winter sports fans as it provides ample snow to ski your heart away. The peaks of Szkrzyczne, Magura, and Klimczok overlooking Szczyrk are often white with snow in autumn-winter season already, yet more often the first flakes fall in Szczyrk around mid-December and stay until the end of March. Lest the amount of snow cover is disappointing, some of the slopes use snow machines to grant the best skiing conditions possible.

Summer in Szczyrk can be charming, quite warm (25-30 °C / 77-86 F) and sunny, but mind you, this is a mountain area, so sunshine can turn to rain in no time. If the three mountain peaks are clouded, this portends what the locals call 'bieda', bad weather. The strong, local southern wind called 'halny' is particularly unfavourable in spring and autumn since it causes damage to the local environment, not to mention it makes people feel depressed.

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