Fishy goings on at the morgue

Police have seized a vast stash of rare caviar at a St. Petersburg morgue.

The delicacy was found in canisters marked 'Aviation Security' inside the morgue's freezer.

According to the police, the pots were placed next to bodies that were waiting to be viewed by relatives.

The 175g stash, in this instance from an endangered species, could technically have fetched hundreds of thousands of euros.

A businessman and a morgue attendant have been arrested.

The former has stated that the caviar was for personal consumption.

It is unclear at present if charges will be pressed.

Caviar, which is no more than the eggs of sturgeon fish, has been a byword for luxury since Tsarist times, although today, the delicacy is by no means the preserve of the wealthy.

Caviar is traditionally served in Russian homes on feast days and special occasions.

Nevertheless, it continues to have a certain cachet in wealthy circles, with figures such as secret agent James Bond acting as unofficial ambassadors for the business.


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