Boffins build miniature Russia in St. Petersburg

A team of over a hundred engineers, craftsmen and modelling artists are currently beavering away in a bid to recreate Russia in miniature.

The vast concoction, which comprises of 800 metres squared, takes in lakes, rivers, mountains and forests, not forgetting the great cities themselves.

In the miniature St. Petersburg, the famed Peter and Paul Fortress resounds to the peal of real bells. Likewise, circle the streets, albeit without the same degree of traffic jams that one might find in the real version.

In true mad inventor style, project founder Sergei Morozov says that he originally came up with the idea as a means of creating an interesting diversion for his son.

However, the project soon gained a momentum all of its own.

There are plenty of humorous details, including a police patrol searching the owner of a 4x4 jeep, a sight not unfamiliar to contemporary Russians.

If all goes according to plan, the so-called 'Grand Market' (Grandmaket) will be completed by the end of the year. However, if you just can't wait, visitors can already enter once a week.

Find it at Tsvetochnaya, 16.


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