Big Gay Bubbles and the Idiots Who Fear Them

A crowd of youths blowing bubbles have been attacked by a group of right-wing extremists in the center of St Petersburg. According to the organizers of the bubble-blowing flash mob event some 30 men were seen lunging at the peaceful crowd and started beating and shooting at them with rubber bullets.

Apparently, the extremists mistook the bubble-blowers for a group of gay pride activists. Gay activists had announced they may take part in the flash mob event.

The annual bubble-blowing flash mob, known as "Dream Flash" or "Soapy Peter", however, is a non-political event to celebrate spring in St Petersburg's Alexandrovsky Park. It is especially beloved by young teens.

Only one of the alleged attackers could be arrested, while the rest managed to escape.

As there is a Gay Pride parade scheduled for the 26th June, the attack on the bubble blowers is a reminder of how far there is still to go here in gaining equality and a reminder to the gay-friendly community to remain cautious. Let's hope the police have a handle on things.


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