Madonna - the Red Revolutionary ?

Were you at the city's Madonna gig last week? Can you vouch for Madge that she was sporting a Chairman Mao, oh so modest, buttoned up to the collar waist coat and that she storm trooped around the stage, raised a salute to a heroically positioned bust of Lenin? Nope we thought not! Because, despite the most persuasive efforts of the Communists of Petersburg and Leningrad Region, Madonna passed off the night in her normal restrained style of pole dancing, costume changes galore and more camp kitsch than in your average Madi Gra carnival.

The local commie brigade had sent the ex-Mrs Ritchie an open letter extolling her to act modestly and sing revolutionary songs during her St.Petersburg concert at the Palace Square - which was a focal point for key events of the 1917 revolution. They pleaded with the world's queen of pop: "You must understand the responsibility of singing in such a place. You should be dressed modestly, sing melodically, and keep the rules of morality in mind. We ask you, Madonna, to include in your repertoire on Palace Square a revolutionary song in honor of those who stormed the Winter Palace." Helpfully, the organisers suggested several rousing Soviet ballads that Madge could include - no doubt that would have swayed the crowds into tears of nostalgic euphoria.

It's not the first time that the group has reprimanded celebrities on their behaviour; recently it accused Bond girl, Ukrainian Olga Kurylenko, of a "moral and intellectual betrayal" after she starred in a film about the "enemy of the Soviet people."


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