A Day At The Pig Races

This weekend will be an exciting one for residents of Lakhta, just northwest of St. Petersburg, as a major big pig racing event is planned.

Pig racing in Russia can trace its history back to the 16th century when someone devised the distraction as a way of entertaining the precocious Ivan the Terrible. The unfortunate winner's reward was to be cooked for the royal dinner!

Today pig racing is more popular than ever with enthusiastics breeding long-legged nimble specimens able to cope with the rigours of a hard-fought contest. Indeed in 2005 Pig Olympics were held in Shanghai and in 2006 in Moscow

Back in Lakta, near St. Petersburg, participating trotters will race on specially-designed tracks with obstacles featuring water and sand. At least the winners though will be rewarded with carrots and cream, rather than spits up the backside!


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