Nuclear Waste Protesters Arrested

Police mounted a strong attack on protesters recently, after they unfurled a large banner in front of St. Petersburg's parliament denouncing the arrival of a ship carrying nuclear waste from Europe.

The ship arrived from Rotterdam, Holland carrying 500 tonnes of nuclear waste from a European enrichment firm. According to Greenpeace Russia accepts around 100,000 tonnes of waste which it then transports to the Urals and Siberia for disposal. Greenpeace spokesman Vladimir Tchouprov has stated that "It's extremely dangerous, starting here in St Petersburg where it is loaded on to trains for its onward journey."

One protester was reported by Reuters as saying. "I came (to protest) because I want to live. Europe should store this stuff on their own soil."

Police moved to disrupt the protest, which they said had not been properly sanctioned and was therefore illegal, tearing down the banner and arresting ten people.


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