Mile High (Fight) Club

Well you've probably heard of the Mile High Club - maybe you're lucky enough to be a member - but it seems the citizens of St. Petersburg have their own Fight Club variant, if the latest reported incident upon their airways is anything to go by.

After three drunken men boarded a flight from St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport to Turkey, a major Russian tourist destination, it wasn't long before a fracas broke out. One of the three inebriated persons took a shining to a fellow passenger - however, unsurprisingly, she rebuffed his amorous attentions. According to a police report this rejection was not taken well and the lady was slapped in the face several times by her would-be admirer.

After the man who was said to be travelling with the woman rose to defend her from further assault, the other two drunken revellers and other passengers joined the altercation. Seeing as crew members were unable to get the situation under control the pilot was forced to return to Pulkovo Aiport.

The woman received medical treatment at the airport, and the three drunkards were arrested and will face serious fines from the airline.


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