Best Monuments in Poznan

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Plac Mickiewicza

1. Monument to June 1956

1 review
Stary Rynek

2. Bamberkas Well

1 review
Sw. Wojciech

3. Poznan Army Monument

2 reviews
Stary Rynek

4. Whipping Post

1 review

Reviews about Best Monuments in Poznan

this is 1 of the funniest reviews everrrr!!!!

United States,
Bamberkas Well

I remember reading that the last person in Europe to be publicly burned as a witch was a Poznanian. I wonder if she was met her end on this spot...?

United Kingdom,
Whipping Post

Great monument for taking pictures!

Monument to June 1956

'Poznan Army Monument' is worth seeing. One can spend a couple of hours going through the antiqued arsenal. There are some planes and tankers(probably used in WW-II) outside the museum. Kid's and young people would like it.

Poznan Army Monument

From a distance it did look kind of 'jagged' but, like the review said, at a closer look you get a feel of how widespread the effect of the war was in Poland. Later on when I was returning from the Citadel the monument was occupied by skaters. That's a lot of flat surfaces for them!

United States,
Poznan Army Monument