Cafe Pushkin

Cafe Pushkin
+7 (495) 7390033
Cafe Pushkin
blv. Tverskoy 26a

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Editor's review

If you're looking to score points (or just score, full-stop) with your classy new date, then Cafe Pushkin won't let you down. Considered by many to be the best restaurant in Moscow, the Pushkin's reputation is something akin to The Ivy in London. It has a sophisticated cafe on the first floor that's open 24 hours, but it's the restaurant on the so-called 'library' level, that is the place to see and be-seen in. Attentive waiters, wearing chemises and sideburns, serve classic French and Russian cuisine, whilst punters soak up the learned atmosphere created by shelf upon shelf of dusty 'magni opi'. A word of warning - try to pay without looking at the bill.

Editor & Moscow Local


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Vladimir Putin
United States

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Reply Apr 5th, 2022

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Reply Mar 6th, 2022

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Reply Mar 3rd, 2022

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Reply Mar 3rd, 2022

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Reply Mar 1st, 2022

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Reply Mar 1st, 2022

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Reply Feb 28th, 2022
Vasilis xipolitos

First time visit cafe Pushkin yesterday with my Russian wife and my best friend from Cyprus. When we stepped

inside it felt as if we had travell back

in time. Wooden interior, antique objects in all the halls of the restaurant and a very beautiful library hall.Very nice atmosphere and relaxing music. The food, from starters to mains to desserts,is a real joy for the eyes and tongue! We will be back for sure!

A couple of minuses:

1.)The area next to the large windows could be a little better heated....u feel a bit cold sometimes! But they also provide blankets if you ask for one!

2)The bread buns with onion are dry and not tasty. You don’t really feel the taste of onion and inside they are almost empty full of air.

Reply Nov 24th, 2017
Gail Kohler
United States

Was there last Monday and the experience was superb and the atmosphere was beautiful, especially since it was right before New Years. Loved it!

Reply Jan 4th, 2015
Alberto ferreira

I wil Lake reserve for diner for 3 person 1/7/2013 at 8 PM

Reply Dec 16th, 2012
United States

Dined there last Friday and was in awe. Service excellant, food delicious and beautifully presented. Surroundings impressive. A place not to miss...from an American with Russian friends.

Reply Jul 3rd, 2012
United States

How can you make a reservation when the phone number on their site and the phone number in "Moscow in your pocket" guide book are different? Try both numbers, you say? No one answers the phone for one number and the person who answers the other phone number hangs up on you! I haven't even had a chance to try it yet and now I won't even bother!

Reply Jul 31st, 2012
United Kingdom

Love it and always go there when I'm in Moscow. The place for biz connections etc etc

What happened to you sir sir from the US?, no pizzas or hotdogs on the menu I guess

Reply Jan 22nd, 2012
Sir Sir
United States


Reply Sep 28th, 2011
Fatos Karahasan

I had dinner and breakfast at Pushkin Cafe last week. Fodd was delicious, service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere is warm and embracing. I loved it.

Reply Mar 22nd, 2011

I was on the 29e januari in this beautiful reastaurant with my wife Irina and friend Lena. Although i had seen the negative and positive revieuws, i wanted to expierence it for myself. When we walked to the restaurant there is someone to lead us to the restaurant and opens the door for us. Inside we had to give our coats to receptionist and in return we got a very historic item. The food was excelent and the service was very good, nice and friendly. Yevgeny, or Gena supervised our table in a very subtile and efficient way. Price quality and service are for european standard very good. It is pleasent when the Ambiance is so rustique and authentique the service and food match up to our expectations. If you want to have a quick bite you better go to the mac...But if you have the time to eat your meal and want to enjoy the hospitality in a very special ambiance, you most go to this restaurant Puskin.

Thank you Yevgeny or Gena if you like for your hospitality and anekdotes.

greetings from us Irina Lena and Nicolaas

Reply Mar 20th, 2010
Sarah B
United Kingdom

We've been to Pushkin a few times and I have to say I agree with Lena. They are definitely resting on their laurels and although the food is great and the restaurant itself a must-see, the service is less sophisticated than they would have you believe. We've had mains coming for half the table and then for the rest 45 mins later, with no-one noticing and no apology or discernable effort to expedite things when we complained to the staff. The manager finally offered free dessert when we sought her out and complained but the meal was already rather marred for my parents who were visiting. It's also less than subtle that champagne is physically bought to your table before you've even opened a wine list or menu and offered as an aperitif. Naturally, this makes it much more likely that you'll take what is the path of least resistance - but it's amateurish and clumsy. My mother actually wanted to try the Soviet sparkling wine but was first told they didn't have it - we found it on the menu. The excuse was half-hearted and half-baked - something about it not being real champagne.

Reply Aug 31st, 2007

Cafe Pushkin used to be the best restaurant in Moscow but it's not as good as it used to be. There are better restaurants on this website.

Reply May 17th, 2007
John B.
United Kingdom

Cafe Pushkin is indeed one of the most amazing restaurants in Moscow - and there are many. It can be a fraction snooty but that contributes to the experience. Actually the prices at Cafe Pushkin weren't quite as bad I was expecting, considering Moscow is now officially the most expensive city on the planet

Reply Feb 7th, 2007
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