One of the peculiar features of Minsk making it unique in its kind is the architectural complex of "Stalin s" developments of the central Nezavisimosti Prospect (Independence Avenue), the main through street of the city founded already in the XVI century and worth being included in the Unesco World Heritage List. Hero-city Minsk, almost knocked to smashes during the Second World War, rose from the ashes. Even today, Nezavisimosti Ploschad (Independence Square) (formerly known as Lenin s Square) with the Government House remained intact by miracle and the monument to Lenin erected by its entrance impresses with its splendor and modern multilayer underground shopping center. Nezavisimosti Ploschad is the biggest square of the city and may serve as the best starting point for a walk along "Stalin s" Avenue with elegant masterpieces of the epoch of the 1950th. look around the astonishing complex with the main building of the Belorussian State University and colonnade of the Central Post Office. then walk through a row of public gardens with fountains along buildings with small balconies, shops and cozy cafes towards Oktyabrskaya Ploshchad (October Square). It is here you will get to see the pompous Palace of the Republic and the Residence of the Head of State. The connoisseurs will be also interested in typical for its epoch architecture of the State Department Store, the oldest department store, reconstructed after the war and opened already in 1951. today, one can still buy original souvenirs, as well as items of everyday use here.

Further, you will find Pobedy Ploschad (Victory Square) being one of the symbols of Minsk and one of the places to see, where people come to honor memory of millions of those, who died during the Second World War. There is the 38-meter imperial obelisk topped with the three-meter sculpture of the Order of Victory on the square. at the foot of the monument, the eternal flame has burnt constantly since 1961. Take a ride in the observation wheel enjoying wonderful views of the central part of the city in the children s park named after Gorky. Without fail visit the public garden by Pobedy Ploschad, where the house-museum of the first Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party, the party that pioneered revolutionary movement in the Russian Empire, hides modestly in the shadows of the trees. In Minsk, there are things to see and places to have rest for any traveler. take a walk in Toitskoe suburbs, also known as "the Old Town" reconstructed the bank of Svisloch river. Feast your eyes with stone pavements, houses in the XIX century style, cozy courtyards with numerous restaurants and cafes extending warm welcomes to visitors. on the opposite bank of the river, the main Orthodox Cathedral of the country combining features of the Baroque and Goth styles, serving in its times to the Bernardinian monks, rises over on the hill. A little further, there is the City, and the main Catholic Church; the district of old city developments reviving at present is also located nearly. all the teretory adjacent several meters around was once the center of the old settlements of the XI century, excavation of which still reveals many secretes even nowadays. Not far away from here, there is another, not the least interesting, place with original well-preserved buildings of XX century, hidden from onlookers eyes by modern buildings. Modern Minsk offers it s guests entertainment facilities: museums with huge choice of collections and rare objects; theaters with contemporary and classic plays; art galleries exhibiting works of modern artists; Belarusian goods stores and fashionable boutiques carrying world-known brands. Should you get hungry, numerous restaurants offering cuisines to any liking, small bars and cafes are at your service. you can spend an evening or an entire night in modern nightclub or a pleasant disco dancing and having fun with live music at the background, participating in interesting shows. Admires of gambling are welcomed in casinos and play-clubs. Many Minsk hotels are classified according to international standards and offer correspondent level of service and comfort able to satisfy even the most demanding tourists.


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