Getting to Krynica

Krynica, a town in the south of Malopolska Voyvodship (district) is best accessed by road transport. Its major neighbour is the city of Nowy Sacz, ca. 30km north, and the closest airport city is Krakow, ca. 140 km north west off Krynica.

By car: If you're heading to Krynica from the most popular direction, north, you need to head for Nowy Sacz, Krynica's major neighbour, and then take the road no. 981 that will take you straight there. If you're heading to Krynica from the south, eg. Slovakia, takie the Slovakian road no. 77, and in Circ take a left hand turn to the road no. 971 that will take you straight there. While you're planning your trip to Krynica, feel free to use our interactive map

By coach: This is the most popular (read: the fastest and most convenient) option of getting to Krynica for the tourists. There are several coach lines cruising to and from Krynica every hour or two, and the coaches are at least mid-range standard, if not better. Tickets are available at the driver, but to avoid crowd and confusion just book your coach ticket and present it printed on entering the bus. All luggage and sports equipment transport fee is usually included in the ticket price.

By train: Recently Krynica's train connections have been severely limited, however in the peak of both the summer and the winter season, the Polish National Railway (PKP) throws in a few special trains, mostly from Krakow and Warsaw. We do not recommend travelling by the slower connection (Przewozy Regionalne), as the trip may take up to five hours from Krakow. The faster one (Inter City) takes ca. 4 hours from Krakow, and as much as 12 from Warsaw. You can check the most convenient connection at the Polish National Railway website.

By plane: All those heading to Krynica will most probably land in Krakow airport, Balice or possibly in Rzeszow at Jasionka. To get to Krynica from Krakow, just choose between the train and the coach (the latter recommended, see above), or simply rent a car. To get to Krynica from Rzeszow, check the most convenient coach connection and in ca. 5 hours you'll be enjoing your first breath of fresh mountain air.


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