Culture in Krynica

Ever since Krynica became a spa town it has also been a local culture hub, owing to high society masses flocking in, be in winter or summer. The long ago grown culture of afternoon teas, soirees and charity balls is now gone, but Krynica still thrillthat has currently upheld in many pensions.

Since the end of 19th century Krynica has got a resort orchestra, playing classical music concerts daily in the Main Pump Room, who p; and a theater to entertain The patienst  to support further development of Krynica.Following the patients, in flocked the contemporary celebrities, such as actors, singers and painters. Being somebody meant visiting Krynica at least once in a while, and the town became a synonym for great entertainment. The town has established a resort orchestra to entertain the guests, and a theatre from Krakow was being invited for performances. All major pensions and guesthouses held 

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1. Nikifor Museum

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ul. Cmentarna
ul. Kraszewskiego 31

3. Galeria pod Kasztanem

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Reviews about Culture in Krynica

I went to this museum some 18 years ago as I love Nikofor's works, and I have two of them purchased at auction in Warsaw. Unfortunately his is much forged, so his prices are very low. If visiting the museum, try for a longer stay at one of the many spas in the town which are world class and cheaper than Europe (I hope, as they once were).

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Nikifor Museum