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Health resort fee

Following the pattern of 19850's decree, Krynica city council had established a health resort fee that is added to your accommodation fee. Currently it is 3.5 PLN a day per person. Excluded are: hospitalized persons, the visually impaired and their assistents, local real estate tax payers, and the organized groups of school children and youth.


Krynica is a rather peaceful and tourist-welcoming town, though caution and some common sense are always advisable. Tourist scams are quite rare; nevertheless, if you decide to board at a top-class looking pension that charges a price of a youth hostel, mak sure they have a land line telephone connection starting with 018, as a cell phone no only might mean your dream lodging simply doesn't exist. Also, all officially registered taxis should have a licence no. on their side door. All in all, the best option is to make good use of the variety of Krynica Local Life website offers of accommodation and services.


Krynica operates a full scope of public service, such as police, fire dept., and ambulance. The all-purpose EU emergency no. 112 is sometimes not as efficient as hoped, and the best way to get help is to remeber all-national Polish emergency numbers:

997 - police

998 - fire dept. - also takes care of all emergencies reqiuring use of heavy duty equipment and life-saving skills, such as climbing or operating on water

999 - ambulance



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