Money Matters


Poland is not yet a member of the Eurozone, so the currency in use is still zloty (pronounced: /zuo-tih/), wich equals 100 groszy /groh-shih/. You might find some bigger hotels will accept euros, however the majority of restaurants and other guest-oriented facilities will accept credit cards.

ATMS (Cash Machines)

ATMs are the quickest way for obtaining cash in zlotys, but prior coming to Krynica check out the fees your bank charges for conversion, and make sure your card will work abroad. A good ATM hub is found at the corner of Zdrojowa and Pilsudskiego St., with three bank branches in one place.  

Exchange Office

In Krynica there are none, however you can always use one of the several branches of official banks in the city centre, or the post office.


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