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About the guide

When the suitcases are unpacked and you're ready for the first encounter with the city, we recommend a short introductory walk that allows whetting the appetite for your stay in Kolobrzeg:

Start at the Market Square with a 1832 Neo-Renaissance city hall, fortunatelly untouched after the turmoil of WW II. The building is still used as a public facility and is closed outside office hours. 

Next step is the cathedral: this Catholic temple has quite a history, since it had gone through a lot during WW II. The interior is not as ornament as it used to be, but a lift ride or a climb up (!) a steep, helix-like staircase of over 100 steps to the tower top is definitely worth your while. The panoramic view of the whole city is simply breathtaking.

Not so far away northwards is Dubois St., a cute arch street with a view of the cathedral and green. In the past this was the city's Old Town, now a good place for a bite to eat with a view.

Going down Sybirakow St., Plac 18 Marca, Zwyciezcow and Spacerowa, we land at an open harbour crowned with the majestic lighthouse

Wrapped behind the lighthouse to the right is an alley that passes between the Marriage to the Sea monument, and leads straight to the pier.


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