Getting around Kolobrzeg

The area of Kolobrzeg is just over 25 sq km, and the fastest and time-efficient way to move around and outside the city centre is by bike. In fact, Kolorzeg might boast the greater number of bike paths and bike lanes than some major cities of Poland, and the local drivers seem a bit more biker-conscious than in some other parts of the country, too. The bike path network is extensive enough for you to move in and inbetween both the city and the attractions on its outskirts in a flash. And good news for those less fit: the area is flat as a pancake, and biking is really a pleasure even for kids. 

There are a few bike rentals in Kolobrzeg, and many hotels offer bicycle lease as a part of their service, so finding a suitable two-wheeler is not a problem. At Local Life we have them all listed for you, and if you need assistance in booking one, just contact us.

What probably interests you most is how far it is to the beach? Take it easy, just follow one of the main streets straight ahead northwards, and you'll get there in a 15-minute walk. If following the hordes of beachgoers is really not your style though, just take a glance at our interactive map, and finding the right way will be a piece of cake.

Ok, and how about something with an engine? Well, Kolobrzeg offers a decent network of city buses, and you can check for the right line no. at the city's public transport information, however available only in Polish. The majority of the buses is handicap-friendly, and many bus stops in the centre have digital timetables.

Taxis are available too, however the best option is to order a taxi corporation car. When catching a car on the go, keep caution as the private vehicles standing at a taxi rank 20 m to the right outside the train station might jack up their prices when they see a foreigner. Feel free to check reliable taxi companies and private transport at Local Life Kolobrzeg service section or contact us, and we will take it from here.


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