Polish Restaurants in Gdansk

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ul. Szafarnia 10

1. Szafarnia 10

3 reviews
ul. Pułaskiego 18-20, Sopot
ul. Długie Pobrzeże 22

3. Goldwasser Restaurant

19 reviews
ul. Piwna 52/53

4. Czerwone Drzwi

26 reviews
ul. Piwna 59/60

5. Pierogarnia u Dzika

14 reviews
ul. Długie Pobrzeże 24

6. Barylka Restaurant

5 reviews
ul. Szeroka 54

7. Pod Lososiem Restaurant

18 reviews
ul. św. Ducha 16/24

8. Gdanska Restaurant

3 reviews
ul. Długa 79/80

9. Euro Restaurant

5 reviews
ul. Targ Rybny 9

10. Tawerna Dominikanska

2 reviews
ul. Cystersów 18

11. Restaurant Palace

1 review
ul. Moniuszki 9, Sopot

12. Harnas Restaurant

2 reviews
ul. Haffnera 6

13. Columb 2000 Restaurant

0 reviews
ul. Grunwaldzka 25

14. Weranda Pod Kogutem

0 reviews
ul. Boh. Monte Cassino 53

15. Classic Restaurant

0 reviews
ul. Długie Pobrzeże 32

16. Żuraw Restaurant

0 reviews

Reviews about Polish Restaurants in Gdansk

Today, December 8, 2019, afternoon, I visited this restaurant. Terrible waitress service. Shoddily. The waitress incorrectly and rudely communicated with me! I reported this to the Manager, and the Manager did not want to understand this situation, he was rude and insulted me. I Don't recommend this restaurant!

Goldwasser Restaurant

As said earlier, this is a fantastic nice place! The potatoes that was "missing" is just an internal joke with Thomas. Just to make it clear.

Goldwasser Restaurant

Fantastic restaurant, food, service and wine! The duo Foie Gras was just amazing, same was lobstersoup and halibut. Wonderful tastes all put delicious and fresh together. Austrian wine was also very Nice. Our caring waiter Thomas recommended a wonderful cheescake. We sat on the nice terrasse, and Thomas took good care of us (although he forgot the potatoes..)

Goldwasser Restaurant

They have a great fish and great view of Gdańsk . :)

Szafarnia 10

A wonderful place to go for a romantic dinner - the food was delicious and the service excellent.

Pod Lososiem Restaurant

Great Soup and delicious polish cusine. Very fresh i nice restaurant. My favourite in Gdansk!

Szafarnia 10

It was wery delicious experience. Friendly service and fresh fish, what else? :) You must visit this place!

Szafarnia 10

The waiter is a racist! If You don't speak Polish they will not even talk to you- I do and the waiter would just argue with me. The matter was that he did not write my partners order, explaining to me later that he did not hear me saying what I wanted, accused me of being rude and that I was trying to force a discount (and rob him apparently!). Altogether food average, well overpriced especially that you get treated like this! AVOID!

United Kingdom,
Euro Restaurant

Nie polecam !

Pierogarnia u Dzika

Poor service. Had to wait 15 minutes for a beer. And for food 45 minutes, allthough there were not so many customers. I suppose the waiter forgot us, at least twice. Food was average, almost tasteless. Tried to complain about the slow service, but the waiter drove us away after he saw that we had paid.

Euro Restaurant