Hostels in Gdansk, Sopot, Gdynia

Despite the cheap connections to the UK, the majestic mercantile beauty of Gdansk, Sopot's screaming nightlife, Gdynia's art scene and the Tri-City's firm footing as a major tourist city, there is still a shocking shortage of hostels in the area. (Why this is one can only guess, but surely there's surefire opportunity here for someone reading this). Poland's Dizzy Daisy franchise has had their foot in the door for some time now, as had the not particularly popular Przy Targu Rybnym, but not many others seem to have followed suit. As such, travellers looking for cheap accommodation in Gdansk, you may have to think outside the hostel box and consider pensions, apartments and budget hotels in the area. Check our full Tri-City accommodation section to see what else is out there.

Due to the limited number of places to lay your head, we recommend you book as far in advance as possible, particularly during high season. By teaming with we've now made it easier than ever before to secure sleeping arrangements in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia. Use our hostel listings below - featuring photos, reviews, and each hostel's location on our interactive Gdansk map - to find the place best suited to you, then fill in the info above to make a reservation. We couldn't make it easier without doing it for you (please, we've got enough to do as is).

If hostels just aren't your style anymore, go to our sleep section to see other easily affordable sleeping arrangements in Gdansk apartments or budget hotels and rest assured that you'll be getting some rest in the Tri-City.