Remembrance Day

Thu 4th
19:20 - 21:30

May 4th is National Remembrance Day in the Netherlands. This day we remember all soldiers and civilians who died since the Second World War, in war or in peace-keeping operations, in the Netherlands or abroad.

The Eindhoven May 4th National Remembrance Day ceremony takes place at the municipal cemetery 'Oude Toren' in Woensel and is open to the public.

There will be a silent procession from from 7.20pm. At 7.58 the last post will be played by a trumpetist. After 2 minutes of silence at 8pm mayor van Gijzel speeches and offers a wreath, which will be followed by several representatives of local organisations. After that the public can bring flowers and from 8.45pm all attendees are invited for a musical closure in the aula.

Cemetery 'De Oude Toren', Baffinlaan 1, Woensel