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I only go there for the cinema. Not too many shops though so it is not the best place if you go for diversity in shopping.

Bucaresti Mall

I can't say there's anything particularly special about this shopping centre, other than its (huge) side. However, there is a wide variety of shops so if you like spending an entire day shopping (or if it's raining during your trip), this is a good place to go.

United Kingdom,
Bucaresti Mall

I lived in Bucharest and I was curios to see what's new. I am a litle bit confused seeing that the mall is called "Bucaresti". I saw on the picture/building "Bucuresti Mall". On what grounds was named "Bucaresti"? Just curios... I actualy visited the shops in the mall a few years ago, and I realy liked it, it's first class, expensive though.

United States,
Bucaresti Mall