Exclusive Hotels in Bucharest

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Nicolae Balcescu 2-4

1. InterContinental

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Reviews about Exclusive Hotels in Bucharest

Its a bit scruffier than the Intercontinental Hotels I have stayed at in other countries (the company I work for has some sort of deal with the chain so we stay in them pretty much all the time while travelling) But then the whole city feels a bit unloved.

United Kingdom,

A wonderful hotel. Compliments to the staff.


need to hop online and make sure all's well back at the office? Use the InterContinental's PC for an initial fee of only Ä45! Oh, but you have your laptop! Just use their wireless internet for an initial fee of only Ä15! When did hostels eclipse 5 star hotels in the free amenities department? (And we have no idea how expensive a room here is; it's not listed).