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Hviezdoslavovo nam. 21

1. Kogo

3 reviews

Reviews about Italian Restaurants in Bratislava

not sure when Jen was having lunch at Kogo, but you can certain NOT have a nice meal of wine, main dish, desert and coffee plus tip for 35 euros. Not sure what the pre euro days comment has to do here. does not fit the context. I agree with RR Gill from the UK, overpriced, bad food and bad service. Avoid the place. This place is all about the location. There are other much better restaurants in Bratislava.

United States,

Not sure what the gentleman below was eating (or rather drinking) to rack up a 230 Euro bill, but a nice lunch can be had for around 35 Euro. The menu offers a few too many options. We all miss the pre-Euro days, certainly.


Oh Dear. It looks good. The menu looks good but that's about it. With the exception of the bread the rest was downhill. Service was almost passable but they have a lot to learn. 3 attempts to get a steak right and it still wasn't. After being blasted several times on the grill it was inedible. Prices are horrific and compare to London Restaurants - Michelin Starred restaurants as well. A final bill of 230 Euros nearly made me cry. Only the fact that I was being treated by a friend stopped me crying although I felt very embarrassed for my friend. Avoid this restaurant at all costs.

United Kingdom,