Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

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2e Jan van der Heijdenstraat 79

1. YoYo Coffee Shop

4 reviews
Jonge Roelensteeg 12 -14

2. Abraxas Coffee Shop

0 reviews

Reviews about Coffee Shops in Amsterdam

I used to go to this coffeeshop a lot. Not that the weed has ever been very good, but it was a really convenient place to chill. I liked the fact that it was a quiet space, with no loud music or neon lights. But today I witnessed how the boss abused an employee in the harshest terms in front of the customers, without any regard for her staff or the clientele. When confronted, she yelled that she was the boss as if that was a good reason to behave like an ill-bred pig. Seriously, screw this business and screw its owner. If you want a good and quiet coffeeshop, try La Tertulia, Mr. K. or Solo.

YoYo Coffee Shop

About time it was legalized everywhere - it does no harm to anyone

YoYo Coffee Shop

It's pretty awesome here.

YoYo Coffee Shop