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Slavs love their beers and Italians love their wines, so where exactly does Zagreb fit into the picture? You'll be pleased to hear that Croatians are as fond of the grain as they are of the grape and enjoy both in equal abundance. If it's wine you're after, Frankovka and Dignac are the most well known, though don't be afraid to sample the lesser-known regional wines from the islands. For those too stuck in their ways to stray from the brown stuff, you'll be pleased to know that Zagreb is home to Croatia's oldest and most famous brewery! If beer halls and wine aren't your bag, Zagreb is rapidly becoming a regular stop-over point for many of the world's finest DJs. Make sure you pay a trip to Jarun Lake where you'll find Zagreb's hottest bars, clubs, and people all in one place.

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Top rated pubs in Zagreb

Aquarius Club

Zagreb clubbing experience goes lakeside

Nightclub     Lake Jarun

The Movie Pub

Cinema-themed hot spot. Let the walls inspire you!

Bar     Further Out


Bring your big guns to one of Zagreb's favourites

Nightclub     Upper Town


Come pay homage to a Croatia Legend

Bar     Old Town

Dublin Pub

There's always one

Pub     Centre East

Skola Lounge Bar

Extra credit for night schoolers

Lounge Bar     Old Town

Piranha Bar

Drink like a fish out on Lake Jarun

Nightclub     Lake Jarun

The Loft

A cut above

Bar / Lounge     Centre

Hemingway Lounge Bar

For whom the beer flows

Lounge Bar     Old Town

Sokol Klub

A staple nightlife fave

Nightclub     Lower Town
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