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International Friends of Wroclaw barkbiga: Hello guys , I'm new In Wroclaw , i would like to have some tips about the city and maybe meet new people .I also looking for a flat to rent , so feel free to contact me . International Friends of Wroclaw elewa: Hello everybody, I will be on wroclaw for about 10 days on October 2016. I would be glad to meet some polish people to make my life easier International Friends of Wroclaw Juma: Hi everybody :) I am new here in Wroclaw and in Poland :) I would be happy to meet here nice and friendly people I will be in Oct in Wroclaw Winks Massage george: agree. I strongly suggest to find better place to relax Laundry Wash&Go Ɓukasz: Great service. Great experience. Highly recommended! Beauty Balinese Boutique Carl: Amazing balinese massage! It was first time for me and I would recomend it for everyone. International Friends of Wroclaw Saurabh R: Hey All, I have moved recently to Wroclaw, Looking for new friends.. Would be happy to welcome nice and like minded friendly pple...cheers International Friends of Wroclaw Chris : Hello :) my name is Chris and I come to wroclaw for a week holiday, maybe we can meet and drink something :) International Friends of Wroclaw Szymon: Hi there, If you want to practice your Polish in return for your English, I can help you. We can also meet in Rynek or go cycling or go to a gym every so often. My aim is to improve my spoken English as well as to meet new interesting people from foreign countries (especially UK, US, NZ, Aus, Can) and spend some spare time in a nice way. I am a Polish bloke from Wroclaw. My e-mail: Tourist Information Centre JOKA rent a car: We cooperate & recommend!

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