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International Friends of Wroclaw Saurabh: Hey , Iam moving to Wroclaw by Jan'16. Would be coming alone. Suggestion on ideal resident location? Hope culture and people allow new friends to accept in their circle? ;) Link Language School kelvin: A wonderful and superb school to learn polish language. If you ask me,I would give it a 10/10 . I am really impressed on how fast I am learning the language. Link Language School Alejandra: Really nice atmosphere and teaching method. Teachers are not only native but they now how to explain the grammar and make it easier to understand. I had two different teachers, Kasia and Linda, five out of five for both of them. The improvement is soon noticed. Link Language School Eduardo: After 2 years living in Poland, trying to learn polish on my own in a intermittent way without almost any progress I decided to try out at Link. After my first trimester, I couldn't be happier with the results, I feel I'm finally doing some progress and what's best, doing it in a enjoyable atmosphere and learning through most enjoyable methodology. All in all, if you are one of many who are not able to learn this easy language on your own, do not hesitate to join Linc, because it is surely the boost you need. Link Language School Dmytro: Це безперечно найкращі курси польської мови у Вроцлаві. Головний фактор для мене, що я переборов свою невпевненість і страх коли намагався говорити польською. Післю декількох тижнів навчання можу спокійно вирішувати різні побутові проблеми, в тому числі піти самостійно без перекладача до місцевої адміністрації і розвязати різного роду питання з документами. т.д. special thanks to Marta Link Language School Anil: Although I missed some classes and will surely miss more in the future, I'm totally happy that I enrolled in your classes. I don't have any suggestions. Linda's work is great, I'd say she has a natural talent for keeping up interest. I even don't understand how time passes. She manages the time very well too. Long story short, I'm very happy and I made progress. I can understand some stuff going on around me. I get the feeling that Polish is not that hard after all. Link Language School Anil Dursun: As a "professional" language learner for years, I give 10 points out of 10 to Link. Don't think twice, choose Link! Link Language School Andrea: I joined a class at Link language school two months ago and can absolutely recommend this school. Nice atmosphere, smooth organization and most important - a great teacher. Linda can even make Polish grammar exercises feel like fun. Link Language School Gerd: The classes are really good, especially since Linda is doing such a great job. I might have quit some time ago if I would not enjoy going there and I feel like making a progress. Some time ago I recommended this class to Julian. But I Probably would not recommend it to more people since the class would be too crowded otherwise. ;-) Medical Service Abi : I had my breast implants done in 2011 and my experience in Poland was great. Obviously I was very nervous going outhere but was met by a lady called Aga Mazur. She was great! She took me out and about and spoke very good English! Over 4years after my implant op, I'm still very happy!!!

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