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Link Language School Moe: I have been learning Polish with Marta, one-to-one lessons for 3 months. Marta has been greatly helping me out with understanding the Polish grammar which I wouldn't have managed by learning on my own. Always tries to find the best possible way to make me understand. Lessons are with encouraging and friendly atmosphere with good laughs. Thank you Marta! Link Language School Adam: I have been leaning Polish at LINK school for 9 months and I have to say that I always enjoy my lessons. Marta is a great and patient teacher (she needs to be for me!!) and understands the need of her students. She also has an excellent team of teachers. I definitely recommend it if you want to learn Polish. International Friends of Wroclaw susana: hey everyone, im from spain and im here 2 months ego but i living in a very little town and i dont know somebody yet and i will stay here fro 4 months more. i would like meet some friends. someon can save me from this hell? i speak spanish and some english :) International Friends of Wroclaw vishal: hello everyone, I m from india and I am planning this week (20-2-2015 to 22-2-2015) to go Wroclaw for two days holiday so please suggest the best places, bar and shopping places to visit in Wroclaw in two days. you can also mail me is you have any guide book for the same. Thanks in advance. Link Language School Cyril: Thank you Marta to teach me Polish, you're so patient . Always smiling and so professional. You can count on Marta if you want some explanation about Polish life (culture, politic...) and administration complexity. Marta find the good mix between knowledge and teaching. In one word if you want to learn Polish ask for Marta's lesson. Merci à Marta de m'apprendre le Polonais, elle est si patiente. Toujours souriante et professionnelle. Vous pouvez compter sur elle si vous souhaitez avoir des informations sur la vie en Pologne (culture, politique...) et résoudre des complexités administrative. Marta a trouvé le juste milieu entre le savoir et la transmission. En un mot, si vous souhaitez apprendre le Polonais, demandez les lessons de Marta International High School of Wroclaw María: iHola! I'm moving to Poland soon with my family and I've already visited the school. This place won my heart! I'm sure it will prepare me for studies in Oxford, which is my dream. iLo recomiendo! International High School of Wroclaw Edward: Great campus and kompetent teachers, I see that it has to be hard to get to your school, because only 4 students have made it! International High School of Wroclaw Karl-Heinz von Blattenburg: Ein auserst explizit gestaltetes campus fuer ambitionierte komilitonen. Das Grunkonzept der Schule erinnert mich an die Weissheit von Brethmann Falkenhayn: "warum weniger Geld ennehmen, wenn mann doch mehr einnehmen kann." International High School of Wroclaw Andres: Super lugar donde ustet puede desarrollar sus pasiones. Hay profesores trabajadores y amables. Pero donde esta toda la escuela, porque yo no lo encuentro! International High School of Wroclaw Helga: Great school, with an even greater price!

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