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Kres Krista: Kres Café is my absolute favorite place and a must-visit in Wroclow. The vivid yet cozy atmosphere of the place is perfect for a joyful breakfast in the morning or a evening out with friends full of interesting conversations. The menu is nice and offers different delicacies during different times of the day (which is also one of the things that makes Kres so special, it's open from morning til night so you can drop in whenever you're around and have a craving for a delicious meal or a glass of wine in the evening). And of course the beautiful minimalistic design of the place is a real treat for the eye :) Kres Nicholas: Kres is the best. From the atmosphere to the speedy service to the great food to the fine wine, the whole experience of eating and drinking there is a pleasure. Best of Poland, no question. I'll be back as soon as I am able! Kres Alisa: A place to be: oh soooooo gooood! Kres Kamil: I wish to have a place like this in Warsaw. Delicious food for reasonable prices. Worth to visit. Kres Sam: Wroclaw*** Kres Sam Snyder: Delicious food, great atmosphere and a cool crowd here. Definitely one of my new favorite places in Warsaw! Great decor inside. This is going to be a go-to spot for my next visit to the city! Kres Alex: It's f**king amazing! Really nice Ukrainian Cafe-BAR in Wroclaw. Kres Alina: amazing atmosphere, one of the best selection of drinks and cool interior Le Bistrot Parisien Ewa: Pleasent place. Nice food. The best steak I have ever eat. I will come back! Le Bistrot Parisien Eleonora: My favourite Bistrot.

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