HAPPY vol. IV at ETER club


Date: 25-09-2015

Kaziemierza Wielkiego 19 street, Wroclaw

As tells new secular tradition - the last Friday of September we reserve for the exceptional event - HAPPY! "Happy" started holiday and Happy will close holiday, because of Happy we are all happy and we are waiting for new holiday season. Fourth edition of this noble spree will be plentiful in exquisite sounds that will flow to you issued by your favorites: Lucas Fuerzo and Sheevia. At the same time beautiful and unique images will be painted by lights by mysterious St.Gabriel. Our beautiful barmaids along with friendly bartenders will prepare for you the heavenly drinks and will remain you only to dissolve in the holidays sounds, lights and enjoyment ... you remain be HAPPY! Come early – till 22:30 will be "Happy Hours" during which 0.5 liters of vodka with a liter of Pepsi you will buy at half price - 50 zł! ENTRANCE: - ladies 10zl - men 10zl - students 5zl Remember! This event makes that throughout the year you will be happy :) See you! HAPPY - 25.09.2015 - 21:00 - Eter Friday Night

HAPPY vol. IV at ETER club

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