Date: 25-07-2015

Kazimierza Wlk. 19, Wrocław

HASH & SPLASH - 24.07.2015 The fourth event of the holiday cycle ahead of us! If you were not here a year ago on H&S party- to announce: Hash & Splash 2015 is an explosive mix of everything that you like the most. We will give you great energetic, Electro sets, nice for women R'n'B, tasteful house and some sounds straight from the Belgian Tomorrowland. All this will play for you, Lucas Fuerzo and Sheevia, and the whole party will flood St. Gabriel with deliciously light. For everyone who arrive prior to 23:00 – party set – Wodka + Pepsi for half the price, that is 50zl! During all the party you can buy Ballantines for 7zl and for those who like hard and fast we have colorful shots – 10zl for 4 units! Entry: - FB list – free till 23:00 (Just click „Join”) - Ladies 10zl - Men 15zl - Students 5zl Hash & Splash 2015 - This is what tigers like the most! 24 of July- Friday- 22:00 See you!


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