World-Wide comedy Open-Mic Night


13-04-2015 Niebo Cafe (Ruska 51 (Pasaż Niepolda)

World-Wide Open-Mic Night is the chance for Expats, Erasmus students, and English speaking Polish people to get on stage for 5 minutes and make the audience laugh. Everyone is welcome, from first timers to seasoned performers. Want to get over your fear of public speaking? Have a funny story to tell? The stage is yours, plus a free beer from the bar for being a man/woman of action! And if you don’t want to get on stage? That’s fine too. Come have a drink and be a part of the audience. Open mics are always unpredictable, fun and full of surprises, and are known to shine a light on undiscovered talents. And who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired to get on stage next month! If you’re interested in getting on stage this month, send an e-mail to with your name and where you’re from. Date: Monday, April 13th Time: 8pm Tickets: Free admission

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