Don’t Forget To Be Awesome


Date: 15-08-2014

ETER club, Kazimierza Wlk. 19, Wroclaw, Poland

*****D.F.T.B.A.***** Don’t Forget To Be Awesome PARTY in ETER! 15 AUGUST 2014 22:00 Do you also think that the holiday days taken together remind a photo album? The nicer, more interesting, more intriguing are these images - the memories are more pleasant. Therefore, to add to your holiday photo album, which will be nice to remember - we came up with a completely different and surprising event. As you guessed it - we can not reveal everything, but we already know that ... …August 15 will be with us BEAUTIFUL, COLORFUL, TASTY and .. MYSTERIOUSLY. There will be masks, unusual music, elixirs and the lights which you haven’t seen anywhere! Behind the console will captivate you Dj Lucas Fuerzo and Sheevia, the luminaire control is Roger Flacka and potions of varying power and effect will be prepared by Uric Oddball! Stay tuned necessarily what ETER broadcasts because soon give you more interesting information about this event. Come therefore and of course: Do Not Forget To Be Awesome! The event wind up: Boogie Boogie Hostel and Hostel de Luxe Hostel Bemma

Don’t Forget To Be Awesome

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