This Month at the Wroclaw Philharmonic


01-04-2011 until 30-04-2011

01.04 / From Poland to Croatia: A performance of Polish composer Lutoslawski and Croatian composer Kuljeric, including his Marimba Concerto.
02.04/ NFM Ensemble: The new NFM (National Forum of Music) Ensemble will perform a grand concert of music both old and new by such composers as Schubert and Vaughan Williams (Mediateka, pl. Teatralny 5).
03.04/ Lent concert in commemoration of John Paul II: A night of spiritual music and poetry.
09.04/ Parsifal: A concert performance of the second act of Wagner’s Parsifal opera.
15.04/Tchaikovsky & Beethoven: The Wroclaw Philharmonic performs music by two greats.
16.04/ Beethoven Festival concert: Featuring the Lahti Symphony Orchestra and Krzysztof Jablonski on piano performing Sibelius and Prokofiev.
17.04/ Passion: Wroclaw Choir and soloists perform Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.
30.04/ Chamber concert: Wroclaw’s Leopoldinum Chamber Orchestra performs several Polish composers including Karlowicz, Wieniawski, Gorecki, and W. Kilar-Orawa.

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