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FREE Walking TOUR Foundation Wroclaw Nikhil: Free walking tour is a good way to know about the cities in Poland where they organize the trips. I've attended a few of their tours in Wroclaw, Poland and they were good. I would recommend it. Akademia Ruchu David: I've been doing yoga here for over 3 months now and I love it! Great place for yoga for beginners or advanced yogis. The instructors are fantastic and the prices are reasonable. You don't even need your own mat. MaluMika Irek: MaluMika is the place (with good looking interior btw) where you can entertain on your own or with friends, with painting ceramics. I have there always a great time :D atmosphere is nice and painting is very relaxing, even if you are not gifted. The best thing is that you keep your unique form for yourself or as a great gift! MaluMika Raj: Had our Son's Birthday PArty here with 12 children. Perfect place, perfect entertainment, (as they have never been so engrossed in painting for so long|), and perfect host. will use them again. MaluMika Bayda'a: Fantastic place for a creative activity. There's a wide range of ceramics to choose from, and the studio is well equipped with a variety of books, for inspiration, and painting tools. The owner and the staff speak Polish and English. A fun and relaxing activity for all. MaluMika Amanda: Cool place! You can even paint your own gnome (krasnoludek) to take home as a great Wrocław souvenir. Let Me Out Mathew: It was soooo cool !! We'll be back there :) Let Me Out Kuba: Great fun ! Something new on the entertainment market in Wroclaw :) Had to visit it twice to check if it's really as good as I thought - and guess what ? ;) Let Me Out Ivan: I had a great 45 minutes in Let Me Out!!! A lot of fun and a great idea for a meeting with friends. Let Me Out Jaro: Dawno nie bawiłem się tak dobrzez ze znajomymi jak w Let Me Out. Idealna opcja na spędzenie kreatywnego popołudnia z przyjaciółmi. Polecam gorąco!!!

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