Cosmetic Surgery in Wroclaw

Once upon a time the idea of flying to Poland for medical surgery would have conjured up nightmares of a one-eyed maniac stinking of vodka amputating your right leg... after you complained of an ingrowing toenail. But in today's open European climate tourists are no longer afraid of the great unknown that is Eastern Europe, and are discovering that they can in fact access highly professional medical services for a fraction of the cost that they could in Britain, Germany or Scandinavia for example.

The rise in medical tourism in Poland can be pinned on several factors, such as Poland's accession to the EU, increased awareness of Poland as a tourist destination, the increasing number of budget airlines flying to Polish cities - from Britain in particular - and the disparity in cost between dental and cosmetic surgery price in Poland and more economically-developed countries. All of the above mean that many Europeans can fly to Poland, enjoy several days away in a stunning city like Wroclaw or Krakow and, even after they've paid for their surgery, still make a saving! With Polish surgeons and doctors enjoying an excellent international reputation, it's no wonder that so many people are opting for cosmetic surgery in Poland.

Of course there are many arguments for and against cosmetic surgery, with some claiming that the dangers of undergoing unnecessary operations (which even in the hands of the most professional surgeons can never be 100% guaranteed to go smoothly) simply for the sake of vanity are not worth the risks.

However there is an increasingly prevalent school of thought that argues that plastic and cosmetic surgery (or 'aesthetic surgery' as it is now often referred to) can seriously help in alleviating the emotional distress and raise the quality of life of those people who are unhappy with their appearance. Needless to say that plastic, cosmetic and dental surgery also can play a vital role in restoring the quality of life to victims of accidents and serious health defects.

If you are thinking about going under the knife in Poland for crucial corrective surgery (...such as breast enhancement) then do your research and be sure to find a professional clinic. Below is the beginning of a list of companies offering cosmetic surgery where you might want to begin your search.

Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Clinics in Wroclaw

tel: +48 (0) 608031168

Medical Service
tel: +48 (0) 503143545

Plastic Surgery H. Knakiewicz
ul. Rydygiera 30
tel: +48 (71) 3284444

As for the tourism part of 'medical tourism', then let us be your guide... from the finest hotels, to the most outstanding restaurants and nightclubs in Wroclaw, we've got plenty to recommend in this amazing city.


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joan from United Kingdom Reply Oct 17th, 2017

Hello i would need help to book flights and accommodation for a face lift and upper eyes i live in Belfast Northern Ireland UK can you help me Joan

sally from United Kingdom Reply Sep 3rd, 2017

hi i would like to see if anyone has had a facelift with adam kalecinski? i can have a cancellation for next monday,but really nervous after my niece told me that hes had a lot of infection and bad care ,patients been sent home with temperatures,im really disappointed,but health comes first,so if anyone has been treated by im,can you tell me please

Marcia from Denmark Reply Aug 5th, 2017

Face plastic operation

Jacqui from United Kingdom Reply Jul 25th, 2017

Hi I was interested in vaser lipo anyone got any advice or recommendations Please

james Unsworth from United Kingdom Reply Jul 23rd, 2017

Considering a face lift

dawn brasier from United Kingdom Reply Jul 8th, 2017

tummy tuck with liposuction

Melanie from United Kingdom Reply Jun 15th, 2017

Looking for and body that has had experience with Dr Ahmed based at Wroclaw hospital

liardoctor from United Kingdom Reply May 14th, 2017

Went to this Dr.Adam Kaleinski, Wroclaw Poland last year for a nose job. I am sooo upset with the outcome as it looks even bigger than before! He is cold and once he has your money he will do the least amount of work fast so he can rush off to his next victim. He has bad reviews taken down by his cronies so all looks good for him. He has just bee sued by the medical for basically trying to fool people. Be warned about this money hungry Quack!!

BASIT HUSSAIN from Pakistan Reply May 2nd, 2017

I would advise anyone considering Plastic Surgery to check out if the surgeon is registered with the following: Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and/or European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ESPRAS

Samale from United Kingdom Reply Mar 16th, 2017

Don't go to Adam Kalecinski!! Don't be fooled. He is a general surgeon not a plastics doctor. He makes everybody's noses look the same. He said only god at lifting tips and removing humps off bridges. Do your research ladies. There are no bad reviews of him because he has everything's deleted. Look up women on Instagram, there are many women who are unhappy with his work and are seeing revisions. Don't be fooled of his terrible work!!

DEBORAH MCGARRITY from United Kingdom Reply Feb 8th, 2017

Hi Has anyone had surgery with dr Ahmed and ahow are yiu all getting information it woukd be greatly appreciated.

Sinead from United Kingdom Reply Feb 7th, 2017

Hi i am thinking of going to clinic for you for a Breast uplift & implants has anybody on here been to this surgery before would like some honest feedback

patty from United Kingdom Reply Jan 15th, 2017

Looking for a surgeon for vaser lipo. Any recommendations? Can you share your experience? Thanks

April Richards from United Kingdom Reply Jan 7th, 2017

I've just come out of hospital here in the uk after a emergency trip to the ER Dr Piotr Rataj has damaged my nerves my breast tissue and my implant has ruptured leaving me with a nasty infection and disfigured breasts. I awoke during my op while still intubated the clinic has said thus is normal procedure even tho I've had many operations and thus has never ever happened before The clinic ignores my calls and messages they have blocked me from their social media sites. The clinic is a fraud the photos the have are not of the clinic at all. They quote you a price then double it. I was charged for a assistance package which should of been one of their drivers taking me to appointments helping with restaurants currency exchange and most importantly for me help with luggage this all costs £150 extra i was dumped in a taxi with a driver who didn't speak English my bags where dumped on the kerb i was left to struggle despite just having a operation. I could of paid for my own taxi and it would of cost less than £10.

Pattyuk from United Kingdom Feb 9th, 2017

Hi I had been following dr Piotr Rataj and I was going to book a lipo with him because he is incredible reviews. But i am in shocked to hear that. Sorry for your bad experience. Could you please let me know about his clinic. Perhaps i will look somewhere else. Thanks for information it is vital we know this. HOpe you get sorted.

Louise daniels from United Kingdom Reply Jul 1st, 2016

Hi I'm thinking of having upper eyelid surgery in Poland can you give me details of good surgeon and advice on aftercate and price? Many thanks.

Kath from United Kingdom Reply Dec 16th, 2015

Hi I'm thinking of having a tummy tuck and liposuction with dr Adam in Poland can anyone who has had it done there with him give me any information

wiktoria from United Kingdom Reply Dec 5th, 2015

Im 16 and i was wondering how old i have to be for a fat transfer? and also can i have it with parental consent? i have tried every thing i can think of and this is the last option. looking forward to hearing back, thank you.

Jill from United Kingdom Reply Jan 31st, 2015

I'm looking for a reputable surgeon in Poland can anyone recommend one?

Sandra from United States Reply Aug 18th, 2014

I am really satisfied with my surgery done in Europe. I've undergone Facelift Surgery in Europe and its all worth it! If you will compare the cost I am definitely sure you will like it. it ranges from $ 2, 487 to $3, 592. I traveled alone when I had this surgery but my travel and meet up with the doctors was arranged by PlacidWay Medical Tourism which I am very thankful of.

Susan from France Nov 20th, 2015

Hi I am very interested in finding the name of the surgeon who did your surgery as I'm also thinking of going abroad

Sam from United Kingdom Reply Jun 24th, 2014

I'm thinking of going to Poland for surgery which isn't my main concern, the only worry is I'm planning on travelling alone.... Do they pick you up from airport is this legit?

Dianw from United Kingdom Nov 16th, 2016

I went last November the clinic have a lovely English speaking taxi driver who will pick you up and drop you back to the airport.

Alison from United Kingdom Reply Dec 2nd, 2013

I'm thinking of going to Poland to have Dr Adam perform upper and lower eyelid surgery and a face lift. I see a lot of people on here saying they are thinking of having the same operations. How did you get on and would you recommend this surgeon for these operations ?? Please mail me at Many thanks Alison

Clare Brown from United Kingdom Reply Apr 25th, 2013

I have heard so many stories about surgery in Poland going wrong i am conerened if I have it done and they do the wrong procedure or it goes worn can I claim my money back ??? As its quite a lot of money to pay for a botch job ???? I would want reassurance that I get what I paid/asked for ,ie: if you ask for a uplift you get it and not a reduction ???? As they are ok this size just broop :0( thank you

Imme from United States Reply Nov 7th, 2012

Hi! I have done a rhinoplasty at Dr. Adam Kelcinski's clinic. Write me a mail if you'd like to get to know more of what I thought about the whole surgery. Regards, I

Kelly page from United Kingdom Aug 23rd, 2016

Hi please can you tell me, how you found the whole experience. Did you feel reassuring going to a strange country?

Maria from United Kingdom Sep 4th, 2016

Hi how did your rhinoplasty go?

Hazel from United Kingdom Reply Oct 23rd, 2012

Hi, I am about to take a leap and undertake (potentially) surgery with Europe Surgery and Dr Adam. I actually spoke with 'David' who seemed efficient and polite enough. I wanted to hear from anyone who had surgery more recently. In particular, nose correction. How was the aftercare? How did the consultation go? The consultation is the most nerve racking part as i'm not sure if there is enough time to decide on what type of shape/corrections you would want prior to agreeing to surgery in the same day. Any advice/comments on this would be very much welcomed.

Chilli from United Kingdom Jun 23rd, 2016

Hi Hazel, Did you have your surgery? I have emailed Europe Surgery with my photos and I have still not heard anything. If you have had a procedure how was it and how is the clinic? How does one get a response from the doctor. I called the London land line and the man who answered was not very helpful. Let me know how you got on. Thanks

Wendy from United Kingdom Reply Oct 1st, 2012

I am considering having eyelid surgery with adam kalecinski. I am very unsure and scared. Could anyone please advise me on the surgeon and his skill. Much appreciated

Kristen from United Kingdom Reply Sep 4th, 2012

I am looking to have Rhinoplasty in Poland, but as you can imagine a bit wary of going ahead. Can anyone get in touch if they have had this procedure with before/after pics.. Just don't want to pay money and it be a scam! x

A from United Kingdom Reply Mar 14th, 2012

Hi i am wanting to go to Poland for rhinoplasty in May but am a little sceptical i can't afford the price in england but its so cheap over there it makes me slightly sceptical! I was thinking of going with dr adam or with a surgeon from make it in poland. can anyone recommend a surgeon or tell em about their experiences? Thanks :)

Miss C from United Kingdom Reply Mar 9th, 2012

Hello, I'm wanting a tummytuck with lipo to be carried out by Dr Adam in Poland. Please can anyone let me know how they have got on with the same procedure? Manth thanks in advance :)

Jes from Ireland Reply Feb 23rd, 2012

I'm off to Dr. Adam in May for breast augmentation. Has anyone had anatomical implants done with Adam and how were they after? cause they can be awkward little things, rotating etc. Is he experienced with this shape? Thanks :)

vanessa kostrzewa from United Kingdom Reply Jan 22nd, 2012

its not a scam i thought the same ive been and had nose reshaped an breast enlargement im 23 and went alone and it was brilliant there was loads of other people there from england having or have had surgery so i wasnt too alone . hope this helps .

C chapman from United Kingdom Reply Jan 18th, 2012

No Adam is very good

Leandro Justino Da Silva from United Kingdom Reply Jan 16th, 2012

Please, I'm just about to confirm the booking with Dr. Adam K at the NOA Clinic in Poland. I'm going to do a nose reshape. i'm very nervous already, I even thought it was just a scam in the net. Could anyone confirm that it isn't and what was the experience? I just need to confirm that is safe and i can trust it. Please e-mail me back. ASAP!!! Thank you very much.

maisie from United Kingdom May 7th, 2017

did you have your nose surgery and was it with Adam? Are you pleased with it?

bezzy from United Kingdom Reply Jan 4th, 2012

hi, i am booked to go to Adam in Wrowclaw for lipo and tummy tuck - i fly out next week! getting a little nervous would love someone whos had the same surgery done to give me a little run through of what happened!...anyone out there?

Michelle barnes from United Kingdom Mar 23rd, 2015

i am booked in with dr adam please could you give me some feedback? michelle

Angela Chouaib from United Kingdom Reply Nov 11th, 2011

I would advise anyone considering Plastic Surgery to check out if the surgeon is registered with the following: Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery and/or European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery ESPRAS

matt from United Kingdom Reply Sep 22nd, 2011

hi there if any one has had a tummy tuck by adam could they please forward befor and after shots to mke please as im booking in for december and just want reasurance as you can understand the nervs kicking in. id really appreciate any ones help

angela from United Kingdom Reply Aug 13th, 2011

Ben - I am the MD of Secret Surgery Ltd (a UK Company) I work with Dr Wojciech Waclawowicz after being a patient myself several times - I could work with any surgeon in the world but know, trust and believe 100% in his skills and ability. In both surgeons defence the cant just send you patients faces willy nilly as they would be in breach of confidentiality and also not many men ask for this type of procedure. In fact only 2 men have asked my company for a quote in the past 6 months.. Facelifts are the ultimate 'secret surgery' and still regarded as taboo so i think you'll struggle to see any before and after pics from surgeons. Best of luck in your search..

ben from United Kingdom Reply Jul 21st, 2011

I have asked both Dr Adam and Dr Dr Waclawowicz for before and after photos of male facelift patients and they are unable to send me any. I haven't ruled either of them out as yet as possible surgeons but you would think having a good photo portfolio would be a fundamental requirement of any good surgeon. Written recommendations on this blog is a good thing but photos speak for themselves and as I understand from top American PS one should always see the surgeons handy work before signing-up. It's scary business trying to look good ..........perhaps I should just settle for a new hairstyle ha ha!!!!

Jane from United States Reply Jul 13th, 2011

Why are all the comments here about this Dr. Adams? Is he the only C surgeon in Poland? I am thinking about Dr Grzesiak - has anyone heard anything about her? Although I am really wondering if these other comments arent fake and someone paid someone off!

April from United Kingdom Reply Apr 7th, 2011

Just got back from Adam K in Poland. We had a fantastic time there meeting new people. I booked in by calling europesurgery and they helped sort everything out for me.Adam is a great surgeon even though its only been a few weeks my tummy tuck scar is healing very well and I am so pleased with the overall result.I would recommend him to anyone.

bernie from United Kingdom Reply Mar 29th, 2011

what clinic is adam at?

el from United Kingdom Reply Mar 29th, 2011

can any body give feedback due to have eyelid surgery wth Dr Adan Kalecinski very nervous...any reassurance is helpful can send me email thank you all

Karen from United Kingdom Reply Mar 12th, 2011

Medical Service from Wroclaw are definitely worth checking. Excellent service for the competitive price!

marie w from United Kingdom Reply Feb 14th, 2011

I attended the clinic last june and had both uplift and implants by Adam.Ihad read extensively about the proceedures and whilst the descision to have it done at this clinic was mostly the cheapness i felt comforted bu his trainig and experience and reviews i had read.The whole experience was excellent he spoke fluent english and talked to me at length prior to surgery as to determin exactly what appearence i wanted after and the risks etc.I have had no complications and the results and care were really good and i am currently looking to return for some liposuction!.the clinic was clean the nurses lovely and we stayed in the art hotel which was gorgeuous.Wroclaw was a fab place to be and i spent the 2 days post op pottering around the markets and main square which is full of reataurants and bars and great for peole watching.Lastly i am a registered nurse and from a clinical point of view reccomend the nursing and medical care i recieved.Would happily reccomend the clinic and am so much more confident now i have had the surgery .marie

Ingrid Hollinger from Canada Aug 21st, 2017

Thank you so much. I am looking at a tummy tuck. How long did you stay in the hospital? How long in advance did you have to book the appointment with Dr. Adam?

wayne from United Kingdom Reply Feb 14th, 2011

Adam did my upper eye lids last year & the lower ones last month and all I can say is that the experience was fast, friendly & professional. I reasearched him extensively before my first visit & wasnt one bit disappointed. It's normal to be nervous the first time and if I was having more serious surgery I would've taken his advice to bring a friend on the trip. I prob should've taken sun-glasses as folk tried in vain not to stare as I looked like a 6' panda at the airport. The lids heal fast within about 10 days. No scars can be seen & I look 10 yrs younger. Highly recommended.

Sam from United Kingdom Reply Feb 13th, 2011

Hi all, I returned from Poland on Thursday. I must tell you as I have noticed some awful comments. Adam is a fantastic surgeon. I was worried about travelling to Poland to have surgery but I read reviews from others who had been. The care I received was top class and in fact I think the clinic is far cleaner than most uk hospitals. (socks over shoes whilst inside clinic) haven't seen that much lately in the uk!! I was made to feel Comfortable and relaxed and I am outstanded with the results. My scars are very delicate and fine. I would recommend anyone considering surgery to contact Adam. Bridget in London is first point of call and I found her very polite and helpful. I hope this is reassuring enough for anyone thinking about surgery with Adam. But any questions please ask!! :-)

maria from United States Reply Feb 9th, 2011

I would like neck/face and eye surgery cant make up my mind where to go prague poland London ? Bit worried bout travelling to see Adam as I sent a bad photo and he commented on it and the peeps on the phone this end seemed clueless and unhelpfull

Trish from Ireland Reply Feb 3rd, 2011

I am planning a face, neck et possible eye lift in March with Dr. Waclawowicz. Anyone have any input or information that will help me . Most of the reviews I am seeing is for Adam K???

lee lee from United Kingdom Reply Jan 28th, 2011

hi guys im wanting to have rhinoplasty and have come across europesurgery where dr Adam is established naturally i am very cautious and wary can anyone give me any feedback?

Steve from United Kingdom Reply Jan 18th, 2011

Hello, I went to adam kalecinski clinic in wroclaw. I booked with europe surgery in the uk. The clinic is very modern and the staff there wonderful really put you at lease.

Lucy from United Kingdom Reply Dec 8th, 2010

I am really pleased that I chose abcplasticsurgeryineurope and dr Adam Kalecinski.I will recommend Magda co-ordinator to anyone. The prices are very affordable, staff very nice and english speaking.Thank you for the very professional and courteous service. I will recommend your clinic to anyone.Lucy

john from United Kingdom Reply Nov 23rd, 2010

hello everyone i had a hair transplant with dr saifi in wroclaw, and my wife went to adam. The clinic is fantastic. There is about 90 per cent english patients there!They help you sort out hotls and flight etc and make your stay easy..

Laura from United Kingdom Reply Oct 25th, 2010

Hi there! Just recently arrived back home from Wroclaw Poland.Dr Adam Kalecinski's first class clinic is a credit to his profession.He is not a butcher. His gift as a top surgeon is proven by the amount of satisfied clients who have passed through his practice.He has hand picked his dedicated staff who are excellent,really professional in everything they do and so very friendly. The star of the organisation is the lovely Magda the chief co-ordinator who will go out of her way to make sure that everyone is well catered for and nothing is too much trouble for her to attend to. It really has been a pleasure to have dealt with. In my own case, I am very happy with my facelift and nose surgery. Friends say I look ten years younger and I must say It has been worth it. My confidence has been boosted as I am very pleased with the outcome.When you consider that even with the flight, hotel and surgery costs, it is still very much cheaper than anywhere in the UK. I personally like value for my money I have worked hard for.

julie from United Kingdom Reply Oct 20th, 2010

FANTASTIC! just came back from having tummy tuck & lipo - received absolute 100% care from initial enquiry, booking, consultation & finally surgery & aftercare,cant thank Dr Adam & his team enough for all the care,reassurance & outcome!. spotless modern clinic, all facilities, absolutely A1 from me - incidentally, i went with my mother who had facelift, nose job & eyelid surgery, no problems there either!! thank you so much!

Angela Chouaib from United Kingdom Reply Oct 19th, 2010

I visited Euromeditravel clinic at the end on April 2010 for a full tummy tuck after losing 10 stone and the whole process from initial communication has been second to none! I was a little concerned by the possibility that i may have booked a date with some back street butcher but after contacting lots of other people who have been there and hearing their positive stories i felt a much more relaxed. My initial worries couldn't have been further from the reality - i would even say that it was superior to any private clinic in the UK. You have no reason to feel scared to travel alone as you are met at the Airport by Aga (lovely lady) and she takes you direct to the clinic where you're met with a warm welcome and a much needed cup of tea. you then meet the appropriate professionals and have all the pre-op checks and only after your final consulation with the surgeon (Dr W) will he proceed. There is no pressure to proceed at any stage and if Dr W feels that it's not right/ready for the proceedure you he won't operate. They really put your health before the cost of the operation. Dr W understands English but Aga always translates everything ensuring that you get every question answered. The hospital (more like a 5 star hotel) and is absolutely stunning and is the ultimate in mordern design and more importantly squeaky clean! The food is mostly breads, processed meats and conserved vegetables - Aga has discussed this with the Directors and she assures me that it's improving.. I booked to return at the end of May for a breast lift as my friends breast lift is the best i've seen! The surgeon Dr W. really is a perfectionist and master of his art - he will exceed your expectations... I have no hesitation in reccommending Euromeditravel to anyone. You really have nothing to be worried about!!! There isn't any language barriers due to Aga translating everything. I returned for my second procedure breat reduction and uplift at the end of May 2010 as planned and now have the body i dreamed of! Doctor W is a perfectionist and all the staff are so attentive. If anyone want to contact me seperately feel free - i have lots of candid photos of the clinic.

Big John from United Kingdom Reply Oct 13th, 2010

Just come back from op with Dr Adam K. The clinic is modern and ultra clean. You'll find it has lots of names on the internet but actually its called the NOA clinic which has its own website. I was very well looked after as i had to stay in the night which you have too if you get a put out. Like most people i was nervous about going to a foreign country for an operation but once you have spoke to adam, who speaks perfect english and you have seen the clinic all you nerves will vanish. Woke up back in my room pain free and was very well looked after by a nurse the whole night who wakes you to feed you anti biotics through your iv to prevent infection, wouldnt get that in the uk. I would recommend going over there, adam seems to be a great surgeon, was for me and its loads cheaper than the UK

sandra small from United Kingdom Reply Sep 6th, 2010

I booked op for nov paid deposit of 260 in july I had to cancel and gave plenty of time so i was entitled to a full refund it is now Sept and I have had no refund so be careful if you pay deposit

helen from United Kingdom Reply Aug 17th, 2010

just got back from surgery with Adam kalecinski. I had a facelift and my friend had nose surgery. so pleased with the results!!Adam been a plastic surgeon for 15 years !! you can tell his experience when you talk to him and see his qualifications, he speaks fluent English. The other staff are very friendly. Most of the patients are british and i made good friends with people while i was there. I stayed in there appartment, very modern and nice. Anyway i look so much younger and i am so happy when i look in the mirror. Thankyou Adam you have given me a new start in life!

jane from United Kingdom Reply Aug 6th, 2010

Hello just wanted to say after this last post which i am sure everyone will ignore anyway!!That Adam kalecinski is a brillant cosmetic surgeon. He did my facelift last year and its excellent, and of cause it is a qualified plastic surgeon otherwise he would not be allowed to operate! you do get some nutters on the internet don't you!!The clinic is new clean and modern , the staff are nice and speak english.when i was there everyone was really happy.

Amik youig from United Kingdom Reply Jul 13th, 2010

Great team great sugery thank you prices were incredible

HAPPY LADY from United Kingdom Reply Jul 1st, 2010

"Hi I went to Adam k's clinic in Wroclaw 2009 April to have nose job. Everything felt right from start to finish, Adan K'S answered all my question's was really nervous but soon felt at ease.I am so happy and very satisfied with the results. I cannot believe how quick it healed. hope this will be of help to anyone considring surgery there." Can honestly say he is great. If you would like to ask question can e mail me.

Tsehai Kahsay from United Kingdom Oct 27th, 2016

Hello happy lady. Would u plz email me and tell me more about Dr Adam and all the expenses to do nose job

Nicolle from United Kingdom Reply Jun 15th, 2010

John, you will find answer for your question with "abc plastic surgery in europe".

john from United Kingdom Reply May 28th, 2010

Hi, I am very interested to have cosmetic surgery to my face. A complete face and eye lift. I have heard great reviews about the Dr. Adam clinic in Poland and I am serious about booking my surgery. I would like to know if there is anyone out there who is also serious about surgery and would like to travel together and give mutual support. I am a male 58 years of age and very genuine.My email is John

john from United Kingdom Reply May 28th, 2010

Hi, I am very interested to have cosmetic surgery to my face. A complete face and eye lift. I have heard great reviews about the Dr. Adam clinic in Poland and I am serious about booking my surgery. I would like to know if there is anyone out there who is also serious about surgery and would like to travel together and give mutual support. I am a male 58 years of age and very genuine.

Plastic Surgery from Poland Reply May 18th, 2010

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery - Yes especially in Wroclaw!

Sarah from United Kingdom Reply May 16th, 2010

Hi, iv read lots of positive feedback about adam k - its a personal ask but if anyone has before and after pics of a tummy tuck i would really appreciate a look - if you dont mind emailing me - was literally about to pay £5500 in uk but i'm very tempted in going to poland - would appreciate input - thanks

Dennis from Romania Reply May 2nd, 2010

hi all Indeed Eastern Europe may be a great choice for cosmetic surgery. My friend annie had her boobs done in Warsaw, while myself had my nose done in a neighbouring country: Romania. Very nice people and cost effective. My customer support contact was this great guy, Leon.

sarah from United Kingdom Reply Apr 21st, 2010

hi guys glad to hear that your surgery went well , i planning to go in july for the surgery , i choose them as i felt better that he has trained in london , im planning to have a BA and nose job , really nervous as if it goes wrong what can you do , also i so relieved that you guys arent paid to put good reviews on here , so feel better , heard some reAlly bad sories about cheap surgery abroad so i making sure i find the right surgeon , if anyone has had any bad reviews from him will you pls let me know , such big decision thanks guys xx

Plastic Surgery in Europe from Poland Reply Apr 15th, 2010

Considering plastic or cosmetic surgery in Poland. Try Wroclaw!!

Plastic Surgery In Europe from United Kingdom Reply Apr 9th, 2010

Wroclaw offers great offers in Plastic Surgery. Lots of professional doctors and well equipped clinics!

Lea from United Kingdom Reply Apr 1st, 2010

Hi, I'm thinking of doing Tummy Tuck. Can somebody tell me a bot more about WROCLAW

helen from United Kingdom Reply Mar 31st, 2010

i am writing because i am so happy with the face lift Adam kalecinski did for me in Poland. I look so much better and feel so much happier now in myself when i look in the mirror. He has managed to get rid of loads of my wrinkles and my face just looks fresher and younger. I am so happy that i went to Adam clinic its clean and friendly, everyone who was english there (and there where quite a few) in the 10 days i was there was also happy.I would recommend him to anyone.

steve from United Kingdom Reply Mar 31st, 2010

I went with my wife to see adam for nose surgery and my wife had a facelift. I am so pleased with the results, its something i have worried about for years having a large nose. The clinic is very clean and Adam is very kind and helpful. If anyone wants to know anything get in touch its a lot cheaper than the UK but the service is brilliant.

jackie from United Kingdom Jul 28th, 2014

hiya, just making a few inquiries for Adam K and his clinic. Are you still happy with what you had done? so worrying to go over to Poland with no idea of how to feel ... I want to feel really confident .... thank you so much for your help Jackie Berkshire

anna from United Kingdom Feb 3rd, 2017

hello im thinking of going to poland for a Septoplasty any recommendations on the best surgeon and location i would highly appricate the help

Joane from United Kingdom Reply Mar 17th, 2010

Hi everyone, I went to Wroclaw for the plastic surgery. I went there to do tt, iam really happy. poland is a beautyful place.

betty from United Kingdom Reply Mar 9th, 2010

has anyone been or heard anything about the medical-service clinic in Wroclaw. i have booked an abdominoplasty and want to know if the clinic is as good as they say they are? the surgeons name is Wojciech Waclawowicz.

jojo from Ireland Reply Nov 14th, 2009

Hi has anyone had surgery at Makeitinpoland, Doctor Peter Knast?? At final stages of booking and paying the deposit. They seem very good but this is only through emailing. Just want to hear of anyone else who has had surgery there and what they though of there experience with Doctor Knast.

jacki from United Kingdom Reply Sep 21st, 2009

Hi I am going to Adam k's clinic in Wroclaw in one weeks time to have a facelift and eybag surgery I have read many good reports about this clinic ... when my surgery is done I will post an update about how it went and about how satisfied I am with the results hope this will be of help to anyone considring surgery there.

Susanah from United Kingdom Reply Jul 19th, 2009

my new website every thing you need to know is on there

Susanah from United Kingdom Reply Jul 19th, 2009

check out my new web site

sarah from Ireland Reply Jun 30th, 2009

hello, live in Dublin just been to wroclaw its really beautiful city, i thought maybe it was all going to be a bit third world there! but really no not at all the center is great really nice. I went to adam kalecinski clinic as a friend had already been to him and she recomended him to me. really nice bloke spent lots of time with me in the consultation because i was worried about changing the shape of my nose! now it looks great so all my worries are over!stayed at the art hotel very nice!

hezin from United Kingdom Reply Jun 30th, 2009

i am considering cosmetic surgery on my nose in poland,is any one knows a cheap clinic? this is my contact

hezin from United Kingdom Reply Jun 30th, 2009

i want to do a nose job in poland, but i have financial problems so i need to find a cheap one. is any one have any idea.

Hosna Azizi from United Kingdom Reply Jun 15th, 2009

Hi I am thinking of doing my nose.. is it safe to do it here?? and are the doctors proffesional thanks.. email me on if you have done it in the past.. i will be very greatful

Anoop from India Reply Mar 16th, 2009

I would like to introduce our company. We are based in Bangalore, India and we offer medical tourism / assistance to people coming here from most parts of the world. We have an association with the leading hospitals for various treatments. All the associate hospitals have some accreditation and offer five star facilities. Should you be interested we can send you more details and also a price comparison between India, Bangkok, Singapore, UK and USA.

Wazza from United Kingdom Reply Jan 26th, 2009

I had the surgery done in Wroclaw and ALL was organized by Euromeditravel. I stayed in Poland for 10 days which is the minimum really as my final stitches were taken out the day before my return home. I had the surgery and every day after was taken to the clinic by Agnieszka Poprawska (who was fantastic and acted as a guide and carer for my visit) where the doctor who performed the surgery checked the healing. I stayed in a nice apartment which was in the pedestrianised part of the city centre (Market Square) and was recommended and booked by Agnieszka. I dont know if the doctor belonged to any cosmetic surgery organisation but he certainly proved to satisfy my faith in him. The clinic was a fantastic experience too as they made me feel like I was very important and their number one patient. The service from EuroMediTravel was more than anyone could expect and they made me feel like I was their only patient! When I returned home the scars were still red and visable but if you follow their advise and use the treatments recommended the scars should settle down within a few weeks. I am very happy with the result! You can contact me

block from United Kingdom Reply Jan 23rd, 2009

I made decision to have plastic surgery done with EMT. Greeted by agnieszka at airport and was put at ease immediatly by her friendly and professional manner.I can say with total honesty everything from the accomadation to the standard of care that i got while there was without fault this coupled with a very good result. I like my new face cannot thank both euromeditravel and agnieszka enough. If you need, contact me

jackie from United Kingdom Reply Dec 17th, 2008

Hello I found dr adam K on the site he has nothing to do with david's surgeon below. You can get hold of him on wroclaw is a lovely city really beautiful in the center a bit like austria or italy and there are really nice pubs etc too.

mrs olma from Poland Reply Nov 28th, 2008

hi,i wanted some advice about my legs i've been dreaming for long time to have them corrected because they are not strait,they are like X,they say.had a friend who had the same and had it done in france.wnted to know if u can do something about it.thanks

jackie from United Kingdom Reply Oct 19th, 2008

hi had a tummy tuck with adam k about 2 months ago, found him and the staff very friendly. It was not buzy when i went, the consultation was quite long.Clinic was clean and professional, i felt safe there.The scar is heeling well i think he is a good surgeon.

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