Looking for a decent car-hire crew? Desperate to track down a dry cleaner? Gone and got yourself arrested for dancing the congo naked down Gedimino Prospektas? OK, we hope its not the latter, otherwise you'll be surfing these pages in order to track down that trusty lawyer. Trusty lawyer you say? Yes, yes, they do exist. But enough digressions, we know that you're all great assets to humanity and that you won't be embarrassing your ambassadors. Who knows, play your cards right and you may even be invited to one of their Ferrero Rocher parties....

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Top rated services in Vilnius

Train Station

Hey, it's better than the bus station

Railway Station     Old Town

Bus Station

Ich komme mit dem Bus

Bus Station     Old Town


Clean yourself up

Laundry     Old Town

Vilnius Airport

This bird has flown

Airport     Old Town

Tourist Information

A bit more hands-on (and bikes!)

Bike Rental     Old Town

Parking Services

Good luck, gringo

Parking     Old Town


Escape to Vilnius with Avis

Car&Transport     Airport


Promised land for tattoo lovers

Tattoo     Old Town

Jaunimo Perspektyva

Learn the language!

Language     Old Town


Get off 2 legs and onto 2 wheels

Bike Rental     City Centre

Lotus Thai

Find your place of relaxation


Vis Unita

Be yourself. Be Beautiful.


Ad Gloriam Translation Agency

All your translation needs...



Professional and experienced plastic surgeons provide aesthetic and reconstructive services

Plastic Surgery
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